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WNBA Overview

Get started with WNBA API v8


Sportradar is the Official Data Provider of WNBA data. We combine on-venue speed and detailed game and seasonal statistics to power your basketball experiences. All regular season games update in real-time, with live advanced metrics.

The WNBA API is consistent in structure, format, and behavior with our other League Specific APIs. Our primary feeds return schedules, standings, team and player data, and real-time scores.

Additional feeds provide a host of complementary statistics and information, including:

  • Rankings
  • League leaders
  • Injuries
  • Free agents
  • Live advanced metrics
  • In-game substitution info
  • Live event positional data

Real-time customers are also offered three delivery Push Feeds to enhance speed.


Authentication is required for all API calls.


To best utilize the WNBA API, you will need several parameters to create your API calls. The map below illustrates how you can obtain the parameters you need.

The primary feeds require only a date or season to call the endpoints. Those feeds provide Game, Team, or Player Ids which can be used to generate the game, team, and player feeds. All of the other feeds require no variables.

Endpoint Descriptions

Daily Change Log – Provides IDs and timestamps for teams, players, game statistics, schedules, and standings that have been modified on a given date. To receive the data updates, use these unique IDs to pull relevant API feeds.

Daily Schedule – Date, time, location, and other event details for every game taking place in the league-defined day.

Daily Transfers – Information for all transfers added or edited during the league-defined day.

Free Agents – Detailed player information for all current free agents in the league.

Game Boxscore – Top-level team scores by quarter, along with full statistics for each teams’ leaders in points, rebounds, and assists.

Game Summary – Top-level boxscore information along with detailed game stats at the team and player levels.

Injuries – Information concerning all active player injuries for each WNBA team.

League Hierarchy – League, conference, division, and team identification and association information.

League Leaders – WNBA leader information for various offensive and defensive categories including full player seasonal statistics for each player in each category.

Play-By-Play – Detailed, real-time information on every team possession and game event.

Player Profile – Provides player biographical information, draft information, and seasonal statistics.

Rankings – Conference and division rank for each team, including playoff clinching status.

Schedule – Date, time, location, and other event details for every match-up taking place in the full league season.

Seasonal Statistics – Provides complete team and player seasonal statistics for a given season and season type.

Seasons – Provides a list of all available seasons, including preseasons and postseasons.

Series Schedule – Playoff participant information as well as the date, time, location, and other event details for every match-up taking place for the entire playoffs.

Series Statistics – Detailed team and player statistics for a given playoff series.

Standings – Detailed team records across various views including, overall, conference, and division information.

Team Profile – Provides top-level team information and a full roster of active players.

Teams – Provides a complete list of active teams in the WNBA API database.

Push Clock – Game clock feed with high level scoring and possession information.

Push Events – Detailed, real-time information on every game event.

Push Statistics – Detailed, real-time game stats at the team and player level for all live games.

Data Retrieval Samples

To find a team's leader in assists for a given game:

  1. Call the season or series schedule and find the Game Id for the chosen game
  2. Call the Game Boxscore using the Game Id
  3. Find the Team Assists Leader statistics and locate the player full_name attribute

The name of the team's leader in assists is displayed.

To find a player's average points per game:

  1. Call the season or series schedule and find id for the team the player is on
  2. Call the Team Profile using the Team ID
  3. Locate the Player ID for your chosen player and call the Player Profile.
  4. Find the average element with the points attribute

The players's average points are displayed.

Coverage Levels

We provide two different levels of detail to ensure maximum coverage. We combine coverage levels with the correct feeds to ensure you are getting the most comprehensive data offering in the most efficient manner possible.

Extended Boxscore – We provide scores, time remaining, and team leaders (assists, points, and rebounds), in a timely manner, as the game progresses. We provide team- and player-level data for the game within 30 minutes of the official results being posted. Extended Boxscore coverage is available for any pre-season game not available via a reliable broadcast.

Full – We provide live play-by-play coverage for the entire game. We provide updated scores and time remaining as well as team and player level data in near real time. Full coverage is available for all regular and post-season games as well as those pre-season games available live via a broadcast.


Preseason Coverage Note:

Preseason coverage of WNBA games may vary. Due to data-entry coverage (from venue) not being available, some games may be covered via our extended boxscore coverage.

Integration Links

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our WNBA API collection.

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire WNBA API XSD schema.

WNBA v8 Schema

Failover Information

Reference the below files to find data points unavailable when Sportradar's data team provides game updates due to a WNBA data interruption. Please note that when the game is over, all data entered by Sportradar is deleted and replaced with the official data provided by the WNBA.

Failover Details

Failover Statistics Summary

Commissioner's Cup

The WNBA Commissioner's Cup is an exciting in-season competition featuring all 12 teams from the league. The tournament includes a series of designated games during the regular season, culminating in a championship match.

Each team competes in five Commissioner's Cup games, down from the previous ten-game format. These games are scheduled between June 1, 2024, and June 13, 2024, against conference opponents, and they are integrated into the regular season to maintain competitive balance and interest.

The team with the best record in cup games from each conference advances to the championship. In case of a tie in records, tiebreakers such as head-to-head results and point differentials are employed. The team with the superior record hosts the championship game, providing a home-court advantage that intensifies the competition.

The Commissioner's Cup Championship Game is hosted by the team with the best overall record in the cup games, marking a key highlight of the WNBA season. This game does not count towards the regular season standings but offers significant prize incentives for the players and coaching staff.

Season Types

The Commissioner's Cup or CC season type is recognized within the WNBA API, facilitating access to specialized data concerning the cup games:

  <season id="44eeaa8a-7cd3-4153-abf6-32dc62098001" year="2024" start_date="2024-06-25" end_date="2024-06-26" status="scheduled">
    <type code="CC" name="Commissioner's Cup"/>

This code (or parameter) can be used to retrieve endpoints for the following feeds:

  • League Leaders
  • Rankings
  • Schedule
  • Seasonal Statistics
  • Series Schedule
  • Standings

Tournament Schedule

All Commissioner's Cup games are part of the regular season (REG) schedule and are marked with a special attribute to identify them as cup games.

The regular season games included in the WNBA Commissioner's Cup will have a game attribute called cc_cup with a value of true.

<game id="9bf8d962-12b1-44e7-8ab4-c99bf1a460a6" status="closed" coverage="full" scheduled="2024-06-01T16:00:00Z" home_points="71" away_points="70" track_on_court="true" sr_id="sr:match:46601611" reference="1022400044"
 cc_cup="true" home_team="f073a15f-0486-4179-b0a3-dfd0294eb595" away_team="3c409388-ab73-4c7f-953d-3a71062240f6">
<time_zones venue="US/Eastern" home="US/Eastern" away="US/Central"/>

Click here for XML and JSON samples of the Schedule feed with the cc_cup games included.

Championship Game

The team with the best record in cup games from each conference will play in the championship game against each other, with the team having the best record hosting the game.

The Championship Game is distinctively scheduled under the CC season type, highlighting its status as a tournament final and not affecting regular season standings. Note the following examples.

Schedule feed

Series Schedule feed


Standings for the Commissioner's Cup are accessible using the CC season parameter, which provides a clear view of each team's performance in the cup games.

Please note that no Commissioner's Cup tournament data will exist in the Regular Season standings.

<league xmlns="" id="59c24590-0adb-4b3d-80a8-10450f83f4a1" name="WNBA" alias="WNBA">
  <season id="5be64ff6-57bb-4d68-8881-78f8673eebd7" year="2023" type="CC">
    <conference id="092510cf-3285-48bb-b831-40ac3608ca36" name="EASTERN CONFERENCE" alias="EASTERN-W">
      <team id="08ed8274-e29f-4248-bc2e-83cc8ed18d75" name="Liberty" market="New York" wins="8" losses="3" win_pct="0.727" points_for="84.91" points_against="78.91" point_diff="6.0" sr_id="sr:team:3446">
        <games-behind league="1.0" conference="0.0"/>
          <win length="4"/>
          <below_500 wins="3" losses="1" win_pct="0.75"/>
          <conference wins="7" losses="3" win_pct="0.7"/>
          <equal_rebounds wins="0" losses="0" win_pct="0.0"/>
          <equal_turnovers wins="0" losses="0" win_pct="0.0"/>
          <fewer_turnovers wins="3" losses="1" win_pct="0.75"/>
          <home wins="3" losses="2" win_pct="0.6"/>
          <last_10 wins="8" losses="2" win_pct="0.8"/>
          <last_10_home wins="3" losses="2" win_pct="0.6"/>
          <last_10_road wins="5" losses="1" win_pct="0.833"/>
          <leads_field_goal_pct wins="7" losses="0" win_pct="1.0"/>
          <leads_rebounds wins="5" losses="2" win_pct="0.714"/>
          <opponent_fewer_turnovers wins="5" losses="2" win_pct="0.714"/>
          <opponent_leads_field_goal_pct wins="1" losses="3" win_pct="0.25"/>
          <opponent_leads_rebounds wins="3" losses="1" win_pct="0.75"/>
          <opponent_scores_100_or_more wins="0" losses="0" win_pct="0.0"/>
          <over_500 wins="5" losses="2" win_pct="0.714"/>
          <overtime wins="2" losses="0" win_pct="1.0"/>
          <road wins="5" losses="1" win_pct="0.833"/>
          <scores_100_or_more wins="1" losses="0" win_pct="1.0"/>
          <ten_points wins="4" losses="1" win_pct="0.8"/>
          <three_points wins="2" losses="0" win_pct="1.0"/>
      <team id="a015b02d-845c-40c1-8ef4-844984f47e4d" name="Sun" market="Connecticut" wins="7" losses="3" win_pct="0.7" points_for="82.2" points_against="77.7" point_diff="4.5" sr_id="sr:team:35547">
        <games-behind league="1.5" conference="0.5"/>
          <win length="1"/>

Click here for XML and JSON samples of the CC Standings.

All-Star Game FAQ

How do I locate the WNBA All-Star game?

The game can be found in the Daily Schedule feed on the date of the event. For example: wnba/trial/v8/en/games/2024/07/20/schedule

Every game-centric feed (e.g. Game Play-by-Play, Game Summary, Push Events, etc) can be accessed during the game.

Click here for for a Game Summary or Play-by-Play sample of the 2023 game.

What are the differences from a typical WNBA game?

WNBA announced that 2024 would feature a matchup between the WNBA All-Stars who comprise the US Women's National Team versus the remaining WNBA All-Stars.

Please note that these teams will not be included in the League Hierarchy endpoint.

Is the All-Star game covered in realtime?

Yes. The game is covered in realtime, including the same level of team and player statistics as a regular season game.

When are the All-Star rosters set?

All-Star game rosters will be available shortly prior to tipoff.

Please note that we only provide game rosters (not team rosters) for each game. Request the Game Summary endpoint prior to the game to receive rosters.

If you require rosters earlier, we suggest using the Team Profile endpoints of each WNBA team to pull in players manually.

Do you cover any of the other All-Star game events?

No. We currently only cover the WNBA All-Star game in the WNBA API.