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Season Info

Global Basketball Season Info Provides detailed information for a given season, including participating teams and league structure.


Update Frequency

300s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

Category & Sport:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
country_codesport_event_context - categoryStringCountry code for a competition category
ex. FRA (France)
idsport_event_context - categoryStringUnique category ID for a competition
ex. sr:category:110
namesport_event_context - categoryStringName for a competition category
ex. France
idsport_event_context - sportStringUnique sport ID for a competitor
ex. sr:sport:2
namesport_event_context - sportStringName for a competitor's sport
ex. Basketball
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
gendersport_event_context - competitionStringGender for a competition
men, women
idsport_event_context - competitionStringUnique ID for a competition
ex. sr:competition:264 (Liga ACB)
namesport_event_context - competitionStringName of a competition
ex. Pro A, NBA
parent_idsport_event_context - competitionStringUnique parent ID for a competition. Typically present for group competitions
ex. sr:competition:30190 used to group NCAA postseason tournaments.
competition_statusseason - infoStringStatus of a competition

Data point not currently in use
venue_reduced_capacityseason - infoBooleanSignifies venues within this competition have a reduced capacity when true
venue_reduced_capacity_maxseason - infoIntegerMaximum capacity for a venue
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idstage - groups - groupStringUnique ID for a group
ex. sr:league:76103 (Euroleague 23/24)
namestage - groups - groupStringName of a group
ex. Euroleague 23/24
group_namestage - groups - groupStringAbbreviated name of a group
ex. D
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
competition_idseasonStringUnique ID for the competition a season belongs to
ex. sr:competition:264 (Liga ACB)
disabledseasonBooleanSignifies a season has been disabled when true
end_dateseasonDateEnd date of a season
ex. 2024-06-17
idseasonStringUnique ID for a season
ex. sr:season:108577 (Liga ACB 23/24)
nameseasonStringName of a season
ex. Liga ACB 23/24
start_dateseasonDateStart date of a season
ex. 2023-09-23
yearseasonStringYear of a season
ex. 23/24
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
end_datestageDateEnd date of a season or stage
ex. 2024-05-19
orderstageIntegerOrder of a stage within a season
phasestageStringName of a season or stage
ex. regular season, conference, playoffs

See the enum_phase entry in our Global Basketball OpenAPI spec for a complete list of valid phase enum values
start_datestageDateStart date of a season or stage
ex. 2023-08-11
typestageStringType of a season or stage
cup, league
yearstageStringYear of a season or stage
ex. 23/24
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
abbreviationcompetitors - competitorStringAbbreviation for a competitor name
ex. RMA (Real Madrid)
age_groupcompetitors - competitorStringAge group of a competitor, when applicable
ex. U23
countrycompetitors - competitorStringCountry of a competitor
ex. Spain
country_codecompetitors - competitorStringCountry code of a competitor
ex. ESP (Spain)
divisioncompetitors - competitorIntegerDivision number for a competitor
gendercompetitors - competitorStringGender for a competitor
male, female
idcompetitors - competitorStringUnique ID for a competitor
ex. sr:competitor:3540 (Real Madrid)
namecompetitors - competitorStringName for a competitor
ex. Real Madrid
statecompetitors - competitorStringState of a competitor
ex. TX (Texas)
virtualcompetitors - competitorBooleanSignifies a competitor is a virtual team whan true. Used for placeholder teams in TBD vs TBD matchups.
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