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League Leaders

NBA G League League Leaders G League leader information for various offensive and defensive categories including full player seasonal statistics for each player in each category.


Update Frequency

TTL / Cache: 120 seconds

Data Updates: As Necessary

Data Points

Leader Categories and Rankings:

This feed provides total season leaders and per game leaders.

Total Season Categories: Minutes, Points, Assists, Turnovers, Steals, Blocks, Blocked Attempts, Field Goals Made, Field Goal Attempts, 3-Pointers Made, 3-Point Attempts, 2-Pointers Made, 2-Point Attempts, Free Throws Made, Free Throw Attempts, Offensive Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds, Rebounds, Personal Fouls, Technical Fouls, Foul Outs, Field Goal Percentage, 2-Point Percentage, 3-Point Percentage, Free Throw Percentage

Per Game Categories: Minutes, Points, Offensive Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers, Blocked Attempts, Personal Fouls, Field Goals Made, Field Goal Attempts, 3-Pointers Made, 3-Point Attempts, 2-Pointers Made, 2-Point Attempts, Free Throws Made Free Throw Attempts

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasleadersStringAlias of a leader grouping
ex. NBDL
idleadersGUIDUnique ID of a leader grouping
ex. ac79301f-9b1a-4e72-a4cb-230d4418ae08
nameleadersStringName of a leader grouping
ex. NBA G League
typeleadersStringType of a leader grouping
ex. league
namecategoryStringName of a leader category
ex. minutes
typecategoryStringType of a leader category. Categories will be separated into total season leaders and per game leaders. For example, Total Points Leaders and Points Per Game Leaders
total, average
rankrankIntegerPlayer rank for a statistic (1-25)
scorerankDecimalPlayer's total for a statistic
ex. 309.0 under category name of minutes and category type of total equals 309 total minutes played
tiedrankBooleanSignifies a player is tied in the rankings for a statistic
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idseasonGUIDUnique ID of a season
ex. 2a29bf58-7069-4ca4-8933-0347544e243d
typeseasonStringType of a season
REG (Regular Season), PST (Postseason), SC (Showcase Cup)
yearseasonIntegerYear of a season
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
first_nameplayerStringFirst name of a player
ex. Anthony
full_nameplayerStringFull name of a player
ex. Anthony Tarke
idplayerGUIDUnique player ID
ex. 89c7cd33-6143-48dd-82c4-ccbfed25ddaa
jersey_numberplayerIntegerNumber of a player's jersey
last_nameplayerStringLast name of a player
ex. Tarke
positionplayerStringPosition of a player
NA, C, C-F, F, F-C, F-G, G, G-F
primary_positionplayerStringPrimary position of a player
Player Statistics (Season):
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
assistsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of assists
assistsstatistics - averageDecimalAssists per game
assists_turnover_ratiostatistics - totalDecimalAssist to turnover ratio
blocked_attstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of blocked attempts
blocked_attstatistics - averageDecimalBlocked attempts per game
blocksstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of shots blocked
blocksstatistics - averageIntegerShots blocked per game
coach_ejectionsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of coach ejections
coach_tech_foulsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of coach technical fouls
defensive_reboundsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of defensive rebounds
def_reboundsstatistics - averageDecimalDefensive rebounds per game
double_doublesstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of double-doubles
effective_fg_pctstatistics - totalDecimalEffective Field Goal Percentage
(FG + 0.5 * 3P) / FGA
efficiencystatistics - totalDecimalPlayer Efficiency Rating
efficiencystatistics - averageDecimalPlayer Efficiency Rating per game
ejectionsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of ejections
fast_break_attstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of fast break attempts
fast_break_attstatistics - averageDecimalFast break attempts per game
fast_break_madestatistics - totalIntegerNumber of fast break baskets
fast_break_madestatistics - averageDecimalFast break baskets per game
fast_break_pctstatistics - totalDecimalFast break percentage
ex. 100.0
fast_break_pctstatistics - averageDecimalFast break percentage per game
ex. 82.0
fast_break_ptsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of fast break points
fast_break_ptsstatistics - averageDecimalFast break points per game
field_goals_attstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of field goal attempts
field_goals_attstatistics - averageDecimalField goal attempts per game
field_goals_madestatistics - totalIntegerNumber of field goals made
field_goals_madestatistics - averageDecimalField goals made per game
field_goals_pctstatistics - totalDecimalField goal percentage
ex. 56.5
flagrant_foulsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of flagrant fouls
flagrant_foulsstatistics - averageDecimalFlagrant fouls per game
fouloutsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of foul outs
fouls_drawnstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of fouls drawn
fouls_drawnstatistics - averageDecimalFouls drawn per game
free_throws_attstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of free throw attempts
free_throws_attstatistics - averageDecimalFree throw attempts per game
free_throws_madestatistics - totalIntegerNumber of free throws made
free_throws_madestatistics - averageDecimalFree throws made per game
free_throws_pctstatistics - totalDecimalFree throw percentage
ex. 100.0
games_playedstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of games played
games_startedstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of games started
minusstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of team points against while a player is on the court
minutesstatistics - totalStringNumber of minutes played
ex. 40:07
minutesstatistics - averageDecimalMinutes played per game
offensive_foulsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of offensive fouls
offensive_foulsstatistics - averageDecimalOffensive fouls per game
offensive_reboundsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of offensive rebounds
off_reboundsstatistics - averageDecimalOffensive rebounds per game
offensive_rebounds_pctstatistics - totalDecimalOffensive rebound percentage
ex. 20.0
personal_foulsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of personal fouls
personal_foulsstatistics - averageDecimalPersonal fouls per game
plusstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of team points scored while a player is on the court
pointsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of points
pointsstatistics - averageDecimalPoints per game
points_in_paintstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of points in the paint
points_in_paintstatistics - averageDecimalPoints in the paint per game
points_in_paint_attstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of points in the paint attempts
points_in_paint_attstatistics - averageDecimalPoints in the paint attempts per game
points_in_paint_madestatistics - totalIntegerNumber of points in the paint baskets
points_in_paint_madestatistics - averageDecimalPoints in the paint baskets per game
points_in_paint_pctstatistics - totalDecimalPoints in the paint percentage
ex. 28.6
points_off_turnoversstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of points off turnovers
points_off_turnoversstatistics - averageDecimalPoints off turnovers per game
reboundsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of rebounds
reboundsstatistics - averageDecimalRebounds per game
second_chance_attstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of second chance attempts
second_chance_attstatistics - averageDecimalSecond chance attempts per game
second_chance_madestatistics - totalIntegerNumber of second chance baskets
second_chance_madestatistics - averageDecimalSecond chance baskets per game
second_chance_pctstatistics - totalDecimalSecond chance percentage
ex. 20.0
second_chance_ptsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of second chance points
second_chance_ptsstatistics - averageDecimalSecond chance points per game
stealsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of steals
stealsstatistics - averageDecimalSteals per game
tech_foulsstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of total unsportsmanlike technical fouls
tech_fouls_non_unsportsmanlikeplayer - statisticsIntegerNumber of non-unsportsmanlike technical fouls
three_points_attstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of 3-point attempts
three_points_attstatistics - averageDecimal3-point attempts per game
three_points_madestatistics - totalIntegerNumber of 3-point baskets
three_points_madestatistics - averageDecimal3-point baskets per game
three_points_pctstatistics - totalDecimal3-point percentage
ex. 100.0
triple_doublestatistics - totalBooleanSignifies a triple-double
true_shooting_attstatistics - totalDecimalNumber of attempts used to determine true shooting percentage
sFieldGoalsAttempted + (0.44 * sFreeThrowsAttempted)
true_shooting_attstatistics - averageDecimalNumber of attempts per game used to determine true shooting percentage
true_shooting_pctstatistics - totalDecimalTrue Shooting Percentage
100 sPoints / (2 sTrueShootingAttempts )
turnoversstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of turnovers
turnoversstatistics - averageDecimalTurnovers per game
two_points_attstatistics - totalIntegerNumber of 2-point attempts
two_points_attstatistics - averageDecimal2-point attempts per game
two_points_madestatistics - totalIntegerNumber of 2-point baskets
two_points_madestatistics - averageDecimal2-point baskets per game
two_points_pctstatistics - totalDecimal2-point percentage
ex. 100.0
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idteamGUIDUnique ID of a team
ex. 67a79348-041a-45f6-bb12-722d38dc8dbf
marketteamStringMarket name of a team
ex. Delaware
nameteamStringTeam name
ex. Blue Coats
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