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Player Profile

Global Basketball Player Profile Provides player information, including team membership info.


Update Frequency

300s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
abbreviationcompetitors - competitorStringAbbreviation for a competitor name
ex. RMA (Real Madrid)
age_groupcompetitors - competitorStringAge group of a competitor, when applicable
ex. U23
countrycompetitors - competitorStringCountry of a competitor
ex. Spain
country_codecompetitors - competitorStringCountry code of a competitor
ex. ESP (Spain)
divisioncompetitors - competitorIntegerDivision number for a competitor
gendercompetitors - competitorStringGender for a competitor
male, female
idcompetitors - competitorStringUnique ID for a competitor
ex. sr:competitor:3540 (Real Madrid)
namecompetitors - competitorStringName for a competitor
ex. Real Madrid
statecompetitors - competitorStringState of a competitor
ex. TX (Texas)
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
country_codeplayerStringCountry code of a player
ex. CPV (Cape Verde)
date_of_birthplayerDateDate of birth of a player
ex. 1992-03-22
genderplayerStringGender of a player
male, female
heightplayerIntegerHeight of a player in centimeters
ex. 220
idplayerStringUnique ID of a player
ex. sr:player:608026
jersey_numberplayerIntegerJersey number of a player
nameplayerStringName of a player
ex. Tavares, Edy
nationalityplayerStringNationality of a player
ex. Cape verde
nicknameplayerStringNickname of a player
typeplayerStringPosition of a player
NA, G, G-F, C, F-G, F-C, C-F, PF, PG, SF, SG, F
weightplayerIntegerWeight of a player in kilograms
ex. 120
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