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Game Roster

USFL Game Roster provides complete game roster information for each team, including game status and player profile data.


Update Frequency

TTL / Cache: This endpoint will update to a 2s TTL (time to live) upon a game moving to inprogress. Upon closed, it will transfer to 120s.

Data Updates: Realtime

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
attendancegameIntegerAttendance of a game
ex. 73242
remaining_challengesawayIntegerAway team challenges remaining
remaining_timeoutsawayIntegerAway team timeouts remaining
used_challengesawayIntegerAway team challenges used
used_timeoutsawayIntegerAway team timeouts used
pointsawayIntegerAway team total points
clockgameStringClock value of the game
ex. 12:37
remaining_challengeshomeIntegerHome team challenges remaining
remaining_timeoutshomeIntegerHome team timeouts remaining
used_challengeshomeIntegerHome team challenges used
used_timeoutshomeIntegerHome team timeouts used
pointshomeIntegerHome team total points
quartergameIntegerQuarter number of the game
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
assignmentofficialStringOfficial assignment
ex. linejudge or replayofficial
full_nameofficialStringFull name of an official
ex. Larry Smith
numberofficialIntegerJersey number of an official
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
numberdraftIntegerDraft pick number of a player
rounddraftIntegerDraft pick round of a player
yeardraftIntegerDraft year of a player
aliasdraft - teamStringDraft team alias
ex. PHI (Philadelphia)
iddraft - teamGUIDUnique ID of a draft team
ex. b786eb70-9677-11ec-9193-6b32ce92fd29
marketdraft - teamStringDraft team market name
ex. Philadelphia
namedraft - teamStringDraft team name
ex. Stars
sr_iddraft - teamStringUnique Sportradar ID of a draft team
ex. sr:competitor:882421
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasawayStringAway team alias
ex. NO (New Orleans)
idawayGUIDUnique ID of the away team
ex. 51da96b0-9676-11ec-9ad0-d3ebe46bbb12
marketawayStringAway team market name
ex. New Orleans
nameawayStringAway team name
ex. Breakers
sr_idawayStringUnique Sportradar ID of the away team
ex. sr:competitor:882413
conference_gamegameBooleanSignifies an in-Conference matchup
coveragegameStringOptional value that displays the coverage of a game
ex. full
durationgameStringDuration of the game
ex. 2:52
entry_modegameStringType of data entry for the game
LDE (Live Data Entry)
game_typegameStringType of game
regular, playoff
aliashomeStringHome team alias
ex. PIT
idhomeGUIDUnique ID of the home team
ex. c8797380-9677-11ec-9193-6b32ce92fd29
markethomeStringHome team market name
ex. Pittsburgh
namehomeStringHome team name
ex. Maulers
sr_idhomeStringUnique Sportradar ID of the home team
ex. sr:competitor:882423
idgameGUIDUnique ID of a game
ex. 03aa477c-de6a-4d7a-90f4-97eed05f2e89
neutral_sitegameBooleanSignifies a game is held at a neutral site
scheduledgameDate/TimeScheduled date and time of a game
ex. 2022-09-25T20:10:00+00:00
sr_idgameStringUnique Sportradar ID of a game
ex. sr:match:33623305
statusgameStringGame status
scheduled, created, inprogress, halftime, complete, closed, cancelled, delayed, suspended, postponed, time-tbd

See our USFL FAQ for game status descriptions
titlegameStringGame title
ex. USFL Championship
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idseasonGUIDUnique season ID
ex. 234f28d6-b9d7-4881-a890-30b451c13aec
nameseasonStringName of the season
typeseasonStringType of the season
yearseasonIntegerYear of the season
idweekGUIDUnique week ID
ex. eb5f5b92-6a4e-42a7-b590-3f0ce7cc4736
sequenceweekIntegerWeek sequence number
titleweekStringWeek title
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
abbr_nameplayerStringAbbreviated name of a player
ex. J.Crawford
ageplayerIntegerAge of a player at the time of the game
birth_dateplayerDatePlayer date of birth
ex. 1994-12-02
birth_placeplayerStringBirthplace of a player
ex. Deerfield Beach, FL, USA
collegeplayerStringCollege attended
ex. Illinois
college_confplayerStringCollege Conference
ex. Big Ten Conference
first_nameplayerStringFirst name of a player
ex. James
nameplayerStringFull name of a player
ex. James Crawford
heightplayerIntegerHeight in inches
high_schoolplayerStringHigh school attended
ex. St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)
idplayerGUIDUnique ID of a player
ex. 94b1aa60-b862-11ec-8d8f-9baa1b88fba4
in_game_statusplayerStringIn-game status of a player updated in real-time
active, probable, questionable, doubtful, out, benched, unknown
jerseyplayerIntegerJersey number of a player
last_nameplayerStringLast name of a player
ex. Crawford
name_suffixplayerStringSuffix of a player
ex. Jr.
positionplayerStringPosition of a player

See our FAQ for a list of valid positions
preferred_nameplayerStringPreferred name of a player
statusplayerStringGame status of a player
deactivated, dnp(Did Not Play), played, started

See our FAQ for more info on these player game statuses
weightplayerDecimalWeight in lbs
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
lossesrecordIntegerNumber of team losses year-to-date before the game. Record is updated post-game based on the game outcome
tiesrecordIntegerNumber of team ties year-to-date before the game. Record is updated post-game based on the game outcome
winsrecordIntegerNumber of team wins year-to-date before the game. Record is updated post-game based on the game outcome
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
first_namehome/away - coachStringFirst name of a coach
ex. John
full_namehome/away - coachStringFull name of a coach
ex. John DeFilippo
idhome/away - coachGUIDUnique ID of a coach
ex. 80675d40-6102-11ed-a6fd-cb7b3f097b25
last_namehome/away - coachStringLast name of a coach
ex. DeFilippo
name_suffixhome/away - coachStringSuffix of a coach
ex. Jr.
positionhome/away - coachStringType of coach
ex. Head Coach
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasteamStringTeam alias
ex. PIT
idteamGUIDUnique ID of a team
ex. c8797380-9677-11ec-9193-6b32ce92fd29
marketteamStringTeam market name
ex. Pittsburgh
nameteamStringTeam name
ex. Maulers
sr_idteamStringUnique Sportradar ID of a team
ex. sr:competitor:882423
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
addressvenueStringAddress of a venue
ex. 1020 24th St N
capacityvenueIntegerCapacity of a venue
ex. 47100
cityvenueStringCity of a venue
ex. Birmingham
countryvenueStringCountry of a venue
ex. USA
idvenueGUIDUnique ID of a venue
ex. b1f3fd20-90f4-11ec-bf38-efe8ff3d0b79
namevenueStringName of a venue
ex. Protective Stadium
roof_typevenueStringRoof type of a venue
outdoor, dome, retractable_dome
sr_idvenueStringUnique Sportradar venue ID
ex. sr:venue:58724
statevenueStringState of a venue
ex. AL
surfacevenueStringSurface type of a venue
turf, artificial
zipvenueIntegerZIP code of a venue
ex. 35203
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