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Weekly Schedule

NFL Weekly Schedule provides complete schedule information for a given week of the season, including venue, weather conditions, broadcast info, and scoring results by quarter.


Update Frequency

TTL / Cache: 10 seconds

Data Updates: Schedule info is updated in realtime as changes are made

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
attendancegameIntegerAttendance of a game
ex. 73242
away_pointsscoringIntegerAway team total points
away_pointsscoring - quarterIntegerAway team points in a quarter
away_pointsscoring - overtimeIntegerAway team points in overtime
home_pointsscoringIntegerHome team total points
home_pointsscoring - quarterIntegerHome team points in a quarter
home_pointsscoring - overtimeIntegerHome team points in overtime
idscoring - overtimeGUIDUnique ID of overtime
numberscoring - overtimeIntegerOvertime number (The first overtime played would be 1)
sequencescoring - overtimeIntegerPeriod sequence number (The first overtime sequence would be 5)
idscoring - quarterGUIDUnique ID of a quarter
ex. 47091cc4-08c2-4f83-9d8d-59c3c85e1725
numberscoring - quarterIntegerQuarter number
sequencescoring - quarterIntegerPeriod sequence number
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasawayStringAway team alias
ex. MIN (Minnesota)
game_numberawayIntegerSeason game number for the away team
idawayGUIDUnique ID of the away team
ex. 768c92aa-75ff-4a43-bcc0-f2798c2e1724
nameawayStringAway team full name
ex. Minnesota Vikings
sr_idawayGUIDUnique Sportradar ID of the away team
ex. sr:competitor:4376
internetbroadcastStringName of a game's internet stream
ex. ESPN+
networkbroadcastStringName of a game's broadcast network
ex. Amazon Prime Video
radiobroadcastStringName of a game's radio station
ex. Sirius 134, XM 231
satellitebroadcastStringName of a game's broadcast satellite station
ex. ESPN Ocho
conference_gamegameBooleanSignifies an in-Conference matchup
ex. (NFC vs. NFC)
durationgameStringDuration of the game
ex. 2:52
entry_modegameStringType of data entry for the game
LDE (Live Data Entry)
aliashomeStringHome team alias
ex. GB (Green Bay)
game_numberhomeIntegerSeason game number for the home team
idhomeGUIDUnique ID of the home team
ex. 7b112545-38e6-483c-a55c-96cf6ee49cb8
namehomeStringHome team full name
ex. Green Bay Packers
sr_idhomeStringUnique Sportradar ID of the home team
ex. sr:competitor:4391
idgameGUIDUnique ID of a game
ex. 13025660-aa95-4885-b33e-3a3554d4c4c3
scheduledgameDate/TimeScheduled date and time of a game
ex. 2022-09-25T20:10:00+00:00
sr_idgameStringUnique Sportradar ID of a game
ex. sr:match:33623305
statusgameStringGame status
scheduled, created, inprogress, complete, closed, cancelled, delayed, suspended, postponed, time-tbd, if necessary, unnecessary
See our NFL FAQ for game status descriptions
titlegameStringGame title
ex. NFC Championship
awaytime_zonesStringTime zone of the away team
ex. US/Pacific
hometime_zonesStringTime zone of the home team
ex. US/Eastern
venuetime_zonesStringTime zone of the venue
ex. US/Eastern
conditionweatherStringWeather conditions for a game
ex. Partly cloudy
humidityweatherByteHumidity conditions for a game
ex. 44
tempweatherByteTemperature of a game in Fahrenheit
ex. 57
directionweather - windStringWind direction for a game
ex. N
speedweather - windByteWind speed for a game in MPH
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasbye_week - teamStringBye team alias
ex. MIN (Minnesota)
idbye_week - teamGUIDUnique ID of the bye team
ex. 768c92aa-75ff-4a43-bcc0-f2798c2e1724
namebye_week - teamStringBye team full name
ex. Minnesota Vikings
sr_idbye_week - teamGUIDUnique Sportradar ID of the bye team
ex. sr:competitor:4376
idseasonGUIDUnique ID of a season
ex. 75749c10-56c1-4ae0-9d1e-2689708debdf
nameseasonStringName of the season
typeseasonStringType of the season
yearseasonIntegerYear of the season
idweekGUIDUnique ID of a week
ex. 57b447ce-bc66-47f7-9760-89d328d3db9f
sequenceweekIntegerWeek sequence number
titleweekStringWeek title
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
addressvenueStringAddress of a venue
ex. 900 S 5th Street
capacityvenueIntegerCapacity of a venue
ex. 72220
cityvenueStringCity of a venue
ex. Minneapolis
countryvenueStringCountry of a venue
ex. USA
idvenueGUIDUnique ID of a venue
ex. 6a72e5ca-33d0-40af-8e6b-b32a4d3d9346
latvenue - locationDecimalLatitude of a venue
ex. 29.684735
lngvenue - locationDecimalLongitude of a venue
ex. -95.410725
namevenueStringName of a venue
ex. U.S. Bank Stadium
roof_typevenueStringRoof type of a venue
sr_idvenueStringUnique Sportradar venue ID
ex. sr:venue:2402
statevenueStringState of a venue
ex. MN
surfacevenueStringSurface type of a venue
zipvenueIntegerZIP code of a venue
ex. 77054
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