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Daily Change Log

NCAAFB Daily Change Log provides IDs and timestamps for teams, players, game statistics, schedules, and standings that have been modified on a given date. To receive the data updates, use these unique IDs to pull relevant API feeds.


Update Frequency

TTL / Cache: 300 seconds

Data Updates:

  • Entries populate live for changes to teams, players, game statistics, schedules, and standings.
  • Start time of the log is 05:00:00 UTC; end time is 04:59:59 UTC

Data Points

Change Log:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
start_timechangelogdateTimeStart time of the daily change log
ex. 2022-09-25T09:00:00+00:00
end_timechangelogdateTimeEnd time of the daily change log
ex. 2022-09-26T08:59:58+00:00
last_modifiedschedule - gamedateTimeTimestamp of a change to a game's scheduling information
ex. 2022-09-25T23:00:45+00:00
last_modifiedresults - gamedateTimeTimestamp of a change to a game's results
ex. 2022-09-25T23:00:45+00:00
last_modifiedplayers - playerdateTimeTimestamp of a change to a player
ex. 2022-09-25T22:54:34+00:00
last_modifiedteamdateTimeTimestamp of a change to a team
ex. 2022-2022-09-25T21:32:05+00:00
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasleagueStringAlias of a league
idleagueGUIDUnique ID of a league
ex. 26c1246a-2fc3-4b7e-8999-1685d3ab4676
nameleagueStringName of a league
ex. NCAA Football
Games & Results:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idgameGUIDUnique ID of a game
ex. 01489fcb-d0f7-4ca0-a1dd-1b69a8e7d2da
season_idgameGUIDUnique ID of a season
ex. ff53e5e4-10ef-4842-a0b7-b489956fa07e
sr_idgameGUIDUnique Sportradar ID of a game
ex. sr:match:33588543
titlegameStringTitle of a game
ex. American Athletic Conference Championship
Player Profiles:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
full_nameplayerStringFull name of a player
ex. Marcus Johnson
idplayerGUIDUnique ID of a player
ex. fcfa9d4b-3e09-46ac-b4b6-77d70a5f304c
Team Profiles:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasteamStringTeam alias
ex. IOW (University of Iowa)
idteamGUIDUnique ID of a team
ex. a2ee495d-37c7-45ac-ac3d-d3a492a219c1
marketteamStringTeam market name
ex. Iowa
nameteamStringTeam name
ex. Hawkeyes
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