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Frequently asked questions for USFL v7

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How is each USFL game covered?

All USFL games feature full play-by-play coverage.


What format are date fields presented in?

When we present date only values we present these in the ISO 8601 standard format.

ex: 2013-04-03

We use these for attributes that have date and no time (such as birthdate). For more information:

What format are the date/time fields presented in?

All of our Date/Time attributes are in UTC, presented in the ISO 8601 standard format.

ex: 2013-04-03T18:15:00+00:00

For more information:

How do I locate the TTL (Time to Live)/cache on an API endpoint?

The cache (in seconds) can be accessed in the returned header information on each RESTful API call, under cache-control.

ex. cache-control: max-age=1, public, s-maxage=1 or
cache-control: public, must-revalidate, max-age=120

Game Statuses

What are the game statuses and their descriptions?

Here are the valid game statuses and their descriptions:

  • scheduled – The game is scheduled to occur.
  • created – Game data (rosters, officials, etc) are being pre-loaded in preparation for the game.
  • inprogress – The game is in progress.
  • halftime – The game is currently at halftime.
  • complete – The game is over, but stat validation is not complete.
  • closed – The game is over and the stats have been validated.
  • cancelled – The game has been cancelled. No makeup game will be played as a result.
  • postponed – The game has been postponed, to be made up at another day and time. Once the makeup game is announced, a new game and ID will be created and scheduled on the announced makeup date. You should request the scheduled feed(s) regularly to identify the re-scheduled makeup game(s).
  • delayed – The scheduled game, or a game that was in progress, is now delayed for some reason.
  • suspended – The game has been suspended and will be rescheduled in the future, continuing where they left off. The game ID will remain the same.
  • flex-schedule – The game is currently scheduled to occur on a specific date and time, however, it will more than likely be moved to a different time for broadcast purposes.
  • time-tbd – The game has been scheduled, but a time has yet to be announced.

Season Types

What are the season types and their descriptions?

Here are the valid season types and their descriptions:

PRE – Pre-season
REG – Regular season
PST – Post-season

Player Statuses

What are the player statuses and their descriptions?

Below is a list of the currently valid player statuses and their descriptions. Note that additional decommissioned statuses may appear in older seasons.

  • ACT - Active
  • DUP - Duplicate player profile. All profiles marked as duplicates can be ignored.
  • EXE - Exempt
  • IR - Injured Reserve
  • IRD - Injured Reserve` - Designated for Return
  • NON - Non-football related injured reserve
  • NWT - Not with team
  • PRA - Practice Squad
  • PUP - Physically unable to perform
  • RET - Retired
  • SUS - Suspended
  • UDF - Unsigned draft pick

What are the player game statuses and when can I expect them to populate?

Below is a list of currently valid player game statuses.

  • deactivated
  • dnp (Did Not Play)
  • played
  • started

These player game statuses will appear within the Game Roster feed exclusively.

When a game is set to created all players are marked as dnp (Did Not Play). At the conclusion of the game players are adjusted to started and played as necessary.

<player id="56b26b71-8f1e-416c-a7e5-62cd67c98f4b" name="Matthew Orzech" jersey="42" 
last_name="Orzech" first_name="Matthew" abbr_name="M.Orzech" birth_date="1995-04-12" 
weight="245.0" height="75" position="LS" age="28" birth_place="San Diego, CA, USA" 
high_school="Paloma Valley (CA)" college="Azusa Pacific" college_conf="Great Northwest Athletic Conference" 
rookie_year="2019" status="played" sr_id="sr:player:1737543" in_game_status="active">
<player id="a93e2eb0-d264-11ec-b16e-cf7159baf83d" name="Zyon Gilbert" jersey="27" 
last_name="Gilbert" first_name="Zyon" abbr_name="Z.Gilbert" birth_date="1999-02-04" 
weight="182.0" height="73" position="CB" age="24" birth_place="Montgomery, AL, USA" 
high_school="Jefferson Davis (AL)" college="Florida Atlantic" college_conf="Conference USA" 
rookie_year="2022" status="dnp" sr_id="sr:player:1236108" in_game_status="active">
<player id="b5d116d8-11d4-43b1-8f0b-9a3ba26648c9" name="Elgton Jenkins" jersey="74" 
last_name="Jenkins" first_name="Elgton" abbr_name="E.Jenkins" birth_date="1995-12-26" weight="311.0" 
height="77" position="OL" age="27" birth_place="Clarksdale, MS, USA" high_school="Clarksdale (MS)" 
college="Mississippi State" college_conf="Southeastern Conference" rookie_year="2019" 
status="started" sr_id="sr:player:1203480" in_game_status="active">

    "id": "56b26b71-8f1e-416c-a7e5-62cd67c98f4b",
    "name": "Matthew Orzech",
    "jersey": "42",
    "last_name": "Orzech",
    "first_name": "Matthew",
    "abbr_name": "M.Orzech",
    "birth_date": "1995-04-12",
    "weight": 245.0,
    "height": 75,
    "position": "LS",
    "age": 28,
    "birth_place": "San Diego, CA, USA",
    "high_school": "Paloma Valley (CA)",
    "college": "Azusa Pacific",
    "college_conf": "Great Northwest Athletic Conference",
    "rookie_year": 2019,
    "status": "played",
    "sr_id": "sr:player:1737543",
    "in_game_status": "active"
    "id": "a93e2eb0-d264-11ec-b16e-cf7159baf83d",
    "name": "Zyon Gilbert",
    "jersey": "27",
    "last_name": "Gilbert",
    "first_name": "Zyon",
    "abbr_name": "Z.Gilbert",
    "birth_date": "1999-02-04",
    "weight": 182.0,
    "height": 73,
    "position": "CB",
    "age": 24,
    "birth_place": "Montgomery, AL, USA",
    "high_school": "Jefferson Davis (AL)",
    "college": "Florida Atlantic",
    "college_conf": "Conference USA",
    "rookie_year": 2022,
    "status": "dnp",
    "sr_id": "sr:player:1236108",
    "in_game_status": "active"
    "id": "b5d116d8-11d4-43b1-8f0b-9a3ba26648c9",
    "name": "Elgton Jenkins",
    "jersey": "74",
    "last_name": "Jenkins",
    "first_name": "Elgton",
    "abbr_name": "E.Jenkins",
    "birth_date": "1995-12-26",
    "weight": 311.0,
    "height": 77,
    "position": "OL",
    "age": 27,
    "birth_place": "Clarksdale, MS, USA",
    "high_school": "Clarksdale (MS)",
    "college": "Mississippi State",
    "college_conf": "Southeastern Conference",
    "rookie_year": 2019,
    "status": "started",
    "sr_id": "sr:player:1203480",
    "in_game_status": "active",
    "draft": {
        "year": 2019,
        "round": 2,
        "number": 44,
        "team": {
            "id": "a20471b4-a8d9-40c7-95ad-90cc30e46932",
            "name": "Packers",
            "market": "Green Bay",
            "alias": "GB",
            "sr_id": "sr:competitor:4420"

What are the possible in-game player status updates (player.in_game_status) I can expect to see in the Game Roster endpoint?

Here are the valid in-game player statuses we provide:

  • active
  • probable
  • questionable
  • doubtful
  • out
  • benched
  • unknown
<player id="bbd0942c-6f77-4f83-a6d0-66ec6548019e" name="Kirk Cousins" jersey="08" last_name="Cousins" 
first_name="Kirk" abbr_name="K.Cousins" birth_date="1988-08-19" weight="205.0" height="75" 
position="QB" age="35" birth_place="Barrington, IL, USA" high_school="Holland Christian (MI)" 
college="Michigan State" college_conf="Big Ten Conference" rookie_year="2012" status="started" 
sr_id="sr:player:828891" in_game_status="out">
    <draft year="2012" round="4" number="102">
        <team id="22052ff7-c065-42ee-bc8f-c4691c50e624" name="Commanders" market="Washington" alias="WAS" sr_id="sr:competitor:4432"/>
    "id": "bbd0942c-6f77-4f83-a6d0-66ec6548019e",
    "name": "Kirk Cousins",
    "jersey": "08",
    "last_name": "Cousins",
    "first_name": "Kirk",
    "abbr_name": "K.Cousins",
    "birth_date": "1988-08-19",
    "weight": 205.0,
    "height": 75,
    "position": "QB",
    "age": 35,
    "birth_place": "Barrington, IL, USA",
    "high_school": "Holland Christian (MI)",
    "college": "Michigan State",
    "college_conf": "Big Ten Conference",
    "rookie_year": 2012,
    "status": "started",
    "sr_id": "sr:player:828891",
    "in_game_status": "out",
    "draft": {
        "year": 2012,
        "round": 4,
        "number": 102,
        "team": {
            "id": "22052ff7-c065-42ee-bc8f-c4691c50e624",
            "name": "Commanders",
            "market": "Washington",
            "alias": "WAS",
            "sr_id": "sr:competitor:4432"

Player Positions

What are the player positions I can expect to see?

Below is a list of player positions that appear in our feeds and their descriptions. Note that additional decommissioned positions may appear in older seasons.

  • C - Center
  • CB - Cornerback
  • DB - Defensive Back
  • DE - Defensive End
  • DL - Defensive Lineman
  • DT - Defensive Tackle
  • FB - Fullback
  • FS - Free Safety
  • G - Offensive Guard
  • K - Kicker
  • LB - Linebacker
  • LS - Long Snapper
  • MLB - Middle Linebacker
  • NT - Nose Tackle
  • OG - Offensive Guard
  • OL - Offensive Lineman
  • OLB - Outside Linebacker
  • OT - Offensive Tackle
  • P - Punter
  • QB - Quarterback
  • RB - Running Back
  • SAF - Safety
  • SS - Strong Safety
  • T - Offensive Tackle
  • TE - Tight End
  • WR - Wide Receiver

How are player positions handled in the feeds?

Players may receive a “game” position, that position may not match the position listed on the player’s profile outside the game.

Play Types & Details

What are the play types I can expect to see in the feeds?

Here are the valid play types:

  • pass
  • rush
  • faircatch_kick
  • extra_point
  • conversion
  • free_kick
  • kickoff
  • punt
  • field_goal
  • penalty

What are the event types I can expect to see in the feeds?

Here are the valid event types:

  • setup
  • timeout
  • tv_timeout
  • two_minute_warning
  • comment
  • period_end
  • game_over

What are the possible detail categories I can expect to see in the feeds?

Here are the valid detail categories:

  • aborted_snap
  • aborted_snap_recovery
  • blocked_kick
  • blocked_kick_recovery
  • defensive_conversion_fumble_recovery
  • defensive_conversion_interception_recovery
  • defensive_conversion_recovery
  • downed
  • extra_point_attempt
  • fair_catch
  • field_goal
  • field_goal_return
  • forced_fumble
  • fumble
  • fumble_out_of_bounds
  • kick_off
  • kick_off_return
  • lateral
  • muffed_kick
  • onside_kick_off
  • onside_kick_off_recovery
  • opponent_fumble_recovery
  • out_of_bounds
  • own_fumble_recovery
  • pass_completion
  • pass_incompletion
  • pass_interception
  • pass_interception_return
  • pass_reception
  • penalty
  • punt
  • punt_return
  • review
  • rush
  • sack
  • safety
  • tackle
  • touchback
  • touchdown
  • two_point_attempt
  • two_point_pass
  • two_point_return
  • two_point_rush
<detail category="pass_incompletion" sequence="1" direction="short middle">
    <description>J.Allen pass incomplete short middle intended for D.Knox.</description>
    <start_location alias="BUF" yardline="42"/>
    <end_location alias="BUF" yardline="45"/>
        <player id="5fb525c5-4e70-4ede-8c49-94ad0cf66b7d" name="Dawson Knox" jersey="88" position="TE" sr_id="sr:player:1229734" role="receive"/>
        <player id="3069db07-aa43-4503-ab11-2ae5c0002721" name="Josh Allen" jersey="17" position="QB" sr_id="sr:player:1208608" role="pass"/>
    "category": "pass_incompletion",
    "description": "J.Allen pass incomplete short middle intended for D.Knox.",
    "sequence": 1,
    "direction": "short middle",
    "start_location": {
        "alias": "BUF",
        "yardline": 42
    "end_location": {
        "alias": "BUF",
        "yardline": 45
    "players": [
            "id": "5fb525c5-4e70-4ede-8c49-94ad0cf66b7d",
            "name": "Dawson Knox",
            "jersey": "88",
            "position": "TE",
            "sr_id": "sr:player:1229734",
            "role": "receive"
            "id": "3069db07-aa43-4503-ab11-2ae5c0002721",
            "name": "Josh Allen",
            "jersey": "17",
            "position": "QB",
            "sr_id": "sr:player:1208608",
            "role": "pass"

What are the point after score types I can expect to see in the feeds?

Here are the valid score types:

  • extra_point
  • conversion
  • penalty


Do you have historical transaction data for the USFL?

Yes. Our Daily Transactions endpoint contains player data beginning on July 23rd, 2022.

What are the valid transaction_code and transaction_type values?

Here is a list of the valid transaction codes and types:

  • ACT - Activated
  • CL - Claimed
  • CEXP - Contract Expired
  • CEXT - Contract Extension
  • DEC - Deceased
  • FA - Declared Free Agency
  • TAG – Designated Franchise Tag
  • DRA - Drafted
  • SUS - League Suspension
  • ABS - Leave of Absence
  • NWT - Not with Team
  • TRAN - Other Transaction
  • EXE – Placed on Exempt/Commissioner’s List
  • IR – Placed on Injured Reserve
  • IRDR – Placed on Injured Reserve – Designated for Return
  • PUP – Placed on Physically Unable to Perform List
  • NON – Placed on Reserve/Non Football Injury List
  • RSGN - Re-Signed
  • RSUS - Reinstated from Suspension
  • REL - Released
  • RET - Retired
  • EDRA - Selected in Expansion Draft
  • SGN – Signed
  • PRA – Assigned to Practice Squad
  • TSUS - Team Suspension
  • TRD - Traded
  • WA – Waived
  • WAI – Waived – Injury
<player id="18be19e0-cc7e-11ec-8d55-87af3a9174bd" name="Stanley Berryhill" first_name="Stanley" last_name="Berryhill" position="WR" sr_id="sr:player:1261410">
    <transaction id="69bea440-6ceb-11ee-8808-8d33a3153a68" desc="WR Stanley Berryhill was reinstated from suspension." effective_date="2023-10-17" last_modified="2023-10-17T12:48:35Z" transaction_type="Reinstated from Suspension" transaction_code="RSUS" transaction_year="2023" status_before="SUS" status_after="UFA">
    "id": "c816f5e3-7abe-4fc5-b6e0-4151017210b0",
    "name": "Jack Jones",
    "first_name": "Jack",
    "last_name": "Jones",
    "jersey": "13",
    "position": "DB",
    "sr_id": "sr:player:1209584",
    "transactions": [
            "id": "fa1ea9a0-6d0d-11ee-935e-2d7aaab01588",
            "desc": "The New England Patriots placed DB Jack Jones on IRD.",
            "effective_date": "2023-10-17",
            "last_modified": "2023-10-17T16:55:53Z",
            "transaction_type": "Placed on Injury Reserve - Designated for Return",
            "transaction_code": "IRDR",
            "transaction_year": 2023,
            "status_before": "IR",
            "status_after": "IRD",
            "from_team": {
                "id": "97354895-8c77-4fd4-a860-32e62ea7382a",
                "name": "Patriots",
                "market": "New England",
                "alias": "NE",
                "sr_id": "sr:competitor:4424"
            "to_team": {
                "id": "97354895-8c77-4fd4-a860-32e62ea7382a",
                "name": "Patriots",
                "market": "New England",
                "alias": "NE",
                "sr_id": "sr:competitor:4424"


What are the possible clinched status values I can expect to see in the Postgame Standings feed?

Here are the valid clinched status values, and their definitions:

  • division – Clinched Division Title
  • playoff_berth – Clinched Playoff Berth
  • eliminated – Eliminated


What are the possible official assignments I can expect to see in the feeds?

Here are the valid official assignments:

  • referee
  • umpire
  • headlinesman
  • linejudge
  • fieldjudge
  • sidejudge
  • backjudge
  • downjudge
  • replayofficial
    <official full_name="Shawn Hochuli" number="83" assignment="referee"/>
    <official full_name="Tim Podraza" number="47" assignment="linejudge"/>
    <official full_name="Jason Ledet" number="72" assignment="fieldjudge"/>
    <official full_name="Rich Martinez" number="39" assignment="backjudge"/>
    <official full_name="Chad Hill" number="125" assignment="sidejudge"/>
    <official full_name="Terry Killens" number="77" assignment="umpire"/>
    <official full_name="Tyler Cerimeli" number="0" assignment="replayofficial"/>
    <official full_name="Patrick Holt" number="106" assignment="downjudge"/>
"officials": [
        "full_name": "Shawn Hochuli",
        "number": "83",
        "assignment": "referee"
        "full_name": "Tim Podraza",
        "number": "47",
        "assignment": "linejudge"
        "full_name": "Jason Ledet",
        "number": "72",
        "assignment": "fieldjudge"
        "full_name": "Rich Martinez",
        "number": "39",
        "assignment": "backjudge"
        "full_name": "Chad Hill",
        "number": "125",
        "assignment": "sidejudge"
        "full_name": "Terry Killens",
        "number": "77",
        "assignment": "umpire"
        "full_name": "Tyler Cerimeli",
        "number": "0",
        "assignment": "replayofficial"
        "full_name": "Patrick Holt",
        "number": "106",
        "assignment": "downjudge"


What are the possible injury status values I can expect to see in the feeds?

Here are the valid injury status values:

  • Questionable
  • Doubtful
  • Out


How are assisted sacks calculated in the feeds?

Assisted sacks are credited when two players sack the quarterback. We provide this in the Play-by-Play feed and Game Boxscore as an integer. Those sacks are rolled up into the sacks stat and can be a float.

For example, if a player had 3 ast_sacks and 2 sacks in a game his game-level sack number would be 3.5.

<player id="bc69c92c-58ff-44b2-a18b-07a08ee78dc6" name="Jonathan Greenard" jersey="52" position="DE" 
  sr_id="sr:player:2040593" tackles="3" assists="3" combined="6" sacks="2.5" sack_yards="25.0" 
  interceptions="0" passes_defended="0" forced_fumbles="0" fumble_recoveries="0" qb_hits="4" tloss="2.0" 
  tloss_yards="21.0" safeties="0" sp_tackles="0" sp_assists="0" sp_forced_fumbles="0" sp_fumble_recoveries="0" 
  sp_blocks="0" misc_tackles="0" misc_assists="0" misc_forced_fumbles="0" misc_fumble_recoveries="0" 
  def_targets="0" def_comps="0" blitzes="0" hurries="0" knockdowns="0" missed_tackles="0" batted_passes="0"/>
    "id": "bc69c92c-58ff-44b2-a18b-07a08ee78dc6",
    "name": "Jonathan Greenard",
    "jersey": "52",
    "position": "DE",
    "sr_id": "sr:player:2040593",
    "tackles": 3,
    "assists": 3,
    "combined": 6,
    "sacks": 2.5,
    "sack_yards": 25.0,
    "interceptions": 0,
    "passes_defended": 0,
    "forced_fumbles": 0,
    "fumble_recoveries": 0,
    "qb_hits": 4,
    "tloss": 2.0,
    "tloss_yards": 21.0,
    "safeties": 0,
    "sp_tackles": 0,
    "sp_assists": 0,
    "sp_forced_fumbles": 0,
    "sp_fumble_recoveries": 0,
    "sp_blocks": 0,
    "misc_tackles": 0,
    "misc_assists": 0,
    "misc_forced_fumbles": 0,
    "misc_fumble_recoveries": 0,
    "def_targets": 0,
    "def_comps": 0,
    "blitzes": 0,
    "hurries": 0,
    "knockdowns": 0,
    "missed_tackles": 0,
    "batted_passes": 0


What are the start and end reasons for a drive that I can expect to see in the feeds?

  • UNKNOWN – Start/End
  • Touchdown – Start/End
  • Safety – End
  • Field Goal – Start/End
  • Missed FG – Start/End
  • Blocked FG – Start/End
  • Blocked FG, Downs – Start/End
  • Blocked FG, Safety – End
  • Punt – Start/End
  • Blocked Punt – Start/End
  • Blocked Punt, Downs – Start/End
  • Blocked Punt, Safety – End
  • Downs – Start/End
  • Interception – Start/End
  • Fumble – Start/End
  • Fumble, Safety - End
  • Missed FG – End
  • Muffed FG – Start/End
  • Muffed Punt – Start
  • Muffed Kickoff – Start
  • Kickoff – Start
  • Own Kickoff – Start
  • Onside Kick – Start
  • Kickoff, No Play – Start
  • End of Half – End
  • End of Game – End


When are the game scores added to the Schedule feeds?

Game and period scores are added to the feed when the game status changes to complete.


More questions?

Reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.