NCAA Mens Football v7

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NCAA Men's Football v7
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## Schema information The provided XSD Schemas include all the data you will need to compile data based on our feed structure. Below you will find a table of what feeds we will make available and which corresponding schema files to use to better understand the NCAA v7 API. Note that there are common schema files, which may be referenced within the feed schemas.
Feed Name Schema File Name
Daily Change Log /NCAAFB_schema_v7/changelog-v7.0.xsd
Game Boxscore /NCAAFB_schema_v7/boxscore-v7.0.xsd
Game Roster /NCAAFB_schema_v7/roster-v7.0.xsd
Game Statistics /NCAAFB_schema_v7/statistics-v7.0.xsd
League Hiearchy /NCAAFB_schema_v7/hierarchy-v7.0.xsd
Play-by-Play /NCAAFB_schema_v7/pbp-v7.0.xsd
Player Profile /NCAAFB_schema_v7/profile-v7.0.xsd
Postgame Standings /NCAAFB_schema_v7/postgame-standings-v7.0.xsd
Rankings (Polls) /NCAAFB_schema_v7/rankings-v7.0.xsd
Schedule /NCAAFB_schema_v7/schedule-v7.0.xsd
Seasonal Statistics /NCAAFB_schema_v7/statistics-v7.0.xsd
Seasons /NCAAFB_schema_v7/seasons-v7.0.xsd
Team Roster /NCAAFB_schema_v7/team-v7.0.xsd
Weekly Schedule /NCAAFB_schema_v7/schedule-v7.0.xsd
Schema Schema File Name
Common /NCAAFB_schema_v7/common-v7.0.xsd
Common Game /NCAAFB_schema_v7/common-game-v7.0.xsd
Common Statistics /NCAAFB_schema_v7/common-statistics-v7.0.xsd

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