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Facts and Figures Carousel

us.match.soccer.FactsAndFigures provides historical facts about team performance, including losing and winning streaks, scoring averages, and an intelligent algorithm that provides relevant insights during a live match.

This widget is for upcoming and live matches only. For the widget to render you must provide a valid matchId. All other properties are optional.


Name Type Argument Default Description
matchId number required Match ID
disableWidgetHeader boolean optional false If true hides the widget header.
enableBettingStimulationMode boolean optional false If true displays odds for the match.
defaultCollapsed boolean optional false If true sets the widget to collapsible mode.
enableAutoplay boolean optional false If true turns on autoplay.
autoplayInterval boolean optional 30 Sets autoplay interval in seconds.
border boolean optional If true draws a border around the widget.
oddsDeeplinkLabels object optional An object of deeplinking labels.
deeplinkParams object optional An object of deeplinking parameters.


<div class="sr-widget" data-sr-widget="us.match.soccer.factsAndFigures" data-sr-match-id="18428258" data-sr-enable-autoplay="true"></div>
<script type="application/javascript" src="https://widgets.media.sportradar.com/YOUR_CLIENT_ALIAS/widgetloader" data-sr-language="en_us" async></script>

    (function(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i){a[e]||(i=a[e]=function(){(a[e].q=a[e].q||[]).push(arguments)},i.l=1*new Date,i.o=f,
    )})(window,document,"script","https://widgets.media.sportradar.com/YOUR_CLIENT_ALIAS/widgetloader","SIR", {
        language: 'en_us'
    SIR('addWidget', '#sr-widget', 'us.match.soccer.factsAndFigures', {matchId: 18428258, enableAutoplay: true});
<div id="sr-widget"></div>