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Team Stats Dash

us.team.mlb.statsDash displays quick pitching and hitting stats for a given team.

For the widget to render you must provide a valid uniqueTeamId.


Name Type Description
props object properties
Name Type Argument Default Description
uniqueTeamId number required Unique Team ID
seasonId number optional Active season Season ID
seasonType string optional 'regular' Season type. Valid options are: regular and playoffs.
category string optional 'pitching' Stat type. Valid options are: hitting and pitching.
disableHeader boolean optional If true hides the header.
showSeasonYearTitle boolean optional If true displays season year with header title.
border boolean optional If true enables a border around the widget.


<div class="sr-widget" data-sr-widget="us.team.mlb.statsDash" data-sr-unique-team-id="3656"></div>
<script type="application/javascript" src="https://widgets.media.sportradar.com/YOUR_CLIENT_ALIAS/widgetloader" data-sr-language="en_us" async></script>


Please note that in HTML prop names change from CamelCase to hyphen-word-delimited notation (i.e. pastGames to past-games)

    (function(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i){a[e]||(i=a[e]=function(){(a[e].q=a[e].q||[]).push(arguments)},i.l=1*new Date,i.o=f,
    )})(window,document,"script","https://widgets.media.sportradar.com/YOUR_CLIENT_ALIAS/widgetloader","SIR", {
        language: 'en_us'
    SIR('addWidget', '#sr-widget', 'us.team.mlb.statsDash', {uniqueTeamId: 3656});
<div id="sr-widget"></div>