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Top Players Carousel

us.season.nba.topPlayersCarousel displays a moving top 5 leaderboard for a variety of NBA player statistics.

To have specific stats for players, statString must be set.


Name Type Description
props object properties
Name Type Argument Default Description
seasonId number optional Season ID
statString string optional String with stat Keys. See below for valid options.
seasonType string optional 'regular' Season type. Valid options are: regular or playoffs.
autoplay boolean optional 'true' Carousel autoplay turned on/off.
autoplaySpeed number optional 5000 Carousel autoplay speed in milliseconds.
border boolean optional If true enables a border around the widget.

List of stat keys:

  • ppg (Points per game)
  • rpg (Rebounds per game)
  • apg (Assists per game)
  • spg (Steals per game)
  • fgmpg (Field goals made per game)
  • bpg (Blocks per game)
  • pts (Points)
  • reb (Rebounds)
  • ast (Assists)
  • stl (Steals)
  • blk (Blocks)
  • to (Turnovers)
  • 3pm (Three points made)
  • ftm (Free throws made)
  • fgm (Field goals made)
  • fgp (Field goals percentage)
  • 3pp (Three points percentage)
  • ftp (Free throws percentage)


<div class="sr-widget" data-sr-widget="us.season.nba.topPlayersCarousel" data-sr-unique-tournament-id="132"></div>
<script type="application/javascript" src="https://widgets.media.sportradar.com/YOUR_CLIENT_ALIAS/widgetloader" data-sr-language="en_us" async></script>

    (function(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i){a[e]||(i=a[e]=function(){(a[e].q=a[e].q||[]).push(arguments)},i.l=1*new Date,i.o=f,
    )})(window,document,"script","https://widgets.media.sportradar.com/YOUR_CLIENT_ALIAS/widgetloader","SIR", {
        language: 'en_us'
    SIR('addWidget', '#sr-widget', 'us.season.nba.topPlayersCarousel', {uniqueTournamentId: 132});
<div id="sr-widget"></div>