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Welcome to Sportradar's customizable Golf widgets.

> Click here for our Golf Widget Showcase. >The Widget Showcase provides an interactive display of all widgets available. Each widget can be viewed in Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile widths, and with or without a border. >Click the three-barred icon to view an individual widget in a new window. Click the carrot icon to view integration code samples, and copy to your clipboard.

Please check out our Golf product demonstration below for an overview of every possible configuration.

Reference the left sidebar for a direct link to each individual widget, which includes product descriptions, parameter specifications, and live clickable samples.

## Leaderboard displays a complete leaderboard for a given golf tournament. >
For the widget to render you must provide a valid stageId, or a valid uid and tourStageId. All other properties are optional. When providing a uid and tourStageId you can additionally provide a valid season to specify a non-current season. A stageId uniquely identifies a certain golf tournament of a certain season (an event), while uid and tourStageId only identify a certain golf tournament in a tour, without also identifying a season. To see a full-sized version of this widget, click here.
Property Name Type Argument Description
stageId number optional ID of an event
uid number optional ID of a golf tournament. Must be specified together with tourStageId.
tourStageId number optional ID of a tour. Must be specified together with a uid. Currently supported tours: PGA (tourStageId 306287) and LPGA (tourStageId 409406).
season number optional Season, specified as a year. Together with uid it uniquely identifies an event. If the season is omitted, an event from the currently active season is selected.
columns string optional Comma-separated names of columns to display in the order specified. Possible columns: pos, score, thru, round1, round2, round3, round4, roundp (playoff rounds only), strokes, money (post-event only), points (post-event only).
disableSeasonDropdown boolean optional Hides the season dropdown when true.
border boolean optional When set to true the table is displayed with a border.
onItemClick function optional Function/event handler. Emits playerId when a user clicks on a player.




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