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Syntax Library

The Syntax Library provides an organized view of the different query options available to users.

Available Queries

Info Queries: Retrieves data mainly from Sportradar's sports media APIs. Examples include:

  • Team Attributes: Generic team information.
  • Player Attributes: Information on players.
  • Time Attributes: Specifics like day of the week, current year, month, and season.
  • Note: The ‘season’ attribute is derived from a combination of the profile setting and the actual time. For instance, if the profile is set to 2022 but the current season is 2023, the system will recognize it as “last season”.

Stats: Generic statistics sourced from the Radar 360.

Rank: Shows the rank of a team or player in a specific category.

Custom: Pertains to the user dictionary variable.

You can click a query category to see additional syntax options.

Query Inputs

Use the dropdown to see available query inputs for Filters, Entities, Attributes and more.



For measures, go to the Stats Default page.