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Stat Defaults

The Stat Defaults setting allows you to customize the default format of statistics displayed across sports.


  1. Shift Decimal: Primarily used for decimals or percentages. Raw values (e.g., 0.47 for 47%) can be shifted by this feature.

    Example: If set to 2, 0.47 becomes 47.00%.

  2. Decimal Places: Dictates how many decimals should be shown.

    Example: If set to 1, 47% becomes 47.0%.

  3. Custom Suffix: Allows users to append specific characters to the end of a statistic. Commonly used for adding the ‘%’ sign to percentages.

  4. Leading Zero: Displays a zero before statistics less than one. It’s especially relevant for baseball metrics like OPS or batting average.

    Example: For a stat like 0.835, users can choose to display it as “.835” or “0.835”.

  5. Plus Symbol: Adds a ‘+’ sign before positive differential stats. Helpful for showcasing positive variations, such as in team performance metrics.

  6. Use Live Data: Adjusts the setting to either include or exclude data from ongoing games in the measures.

Video Explanation