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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need multiple profiles?

Multiple profiles are often necessary if you are a freelance operator who works across different networks, shows and sports. Having multiple profiles saved within your account lets you easily switch settings and preferences based on the specific broadcast you’re managing.

Do I need separate profiles for different years or seasons?

Typically, no. You'd mostly need a profile for each sport or broadcast network you work with. However, if you wish to maintain separate profiles for testing or other specific reasons, you can create as many as you'd like. When you decide to use stats from, say, 2023, you'd simply update the stat year of your existing profile in the Profile Management section, rather than creating an entirely new one.

Why would I ever use something other than one or two to signify the home or the away team?

Given the limited available page ranges and to avoid congestion in the lower numbers, you might prefer using alternative digits. For instance, rather than being restricted to the 100-200 range, you could select a page like 615. In this case, the even number would represent a home player.

Is there a way for me to browse the market abbreviations or the player names?

Yes, they can find these details on the Matchup page. To see all the attributes for a team and its players, simply input the desired team into the matchup. Navigate throughout the page for a comprehensive view.

Where can I access all available statistics?

To access all available statistics you can query, go the Stat Defaults page. There you will see the syntax and definition for each statistic.