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Default Context Rules

Determining the context referenced data.


Every graphics page follows specific rules to determine the context of the data it’s referencing. For instance, when querying info.player.fullname, the system needs to know which player to pull. This decision is based on the digits of the graphic’s page number.

  • The page number must be at least a three-digit code to extract the context from either a player or team.
  • The last two digits identify the player, based on their jersey number.
  • The preceding digits identifies the team, where:
    • Odd numbers correspond to away teams.
    • Even numbers correspond to home teams.


  • 134: The last two digits 34 is for the player with the jersey #34 from the away team (because 1 is odd).
  • 204: The 2 denotes the home team and 04 is the jersey number of the player.

Video Explanation

Page Numbers Exceeding Three Digits

For page numbers that exceed three digits, you should focus primarily on the last three digits for context extraction, as the three preceding digits can be used for differentiating graphic types and don't play a role in the player or team context.

Consider a seven-digit number like 4943321:

  • The first four digits 4943 can be used as identifiers for the type of graphic or the image category.
  • The next digit 3 determines the team. Here, it’s an away team since 3 is odd.
  • The last two digits 21 indicate the jersey number of the player.

Addressing Unique Jersey Numbers

Teams occasionally have players with jersey numbers “0” and “00”, which poses a challenge. To address this:

  • A single “0” defaults to the jersey number “00”. (e.g., Gary Payton II)
  • The double “00” is mapped to the number “69”.



This mapping remains effective unless the NBA administration changes jersey number policies

Custom Queries for Specific Players

To retrieve specific player information regardless of the context set by the page number, you can use a direct query method:



  1. To retrieve information for a player with the jersey number “00” from Golden State Warriors:

    • Query: {{info.player(GSW,00).full_name}}
    • Output: Jonathan Kuminga
  2. For players with the jersey number “0”:

    • Query: {{info.player(GSW,0).full_name}}
    • Output: Gary Payton II

By using this method, you bypass the page number’s default settings and directly specify the team and jersey number in the query itself, ensuring precision in retrieving player information, including those with “00” and “0” jerseys.