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Profile Management

Instructions to create and set live profiles.

Creating a Profile

  1. In the OnAir dashboard, click the Choose a Profile dropdown and select Profile Management.

  2. Click New Profile.

  3. Select your desired League, then enter a Profile Name and Season.


Selecting a Season

The Season field indicates the specific year of data you want to retrieve. While you’ll often select the current season, during preseason or early regular season games, you might prefer data from the previous season due to limited new stats.

By choosing a different season, you eliminate manual syntax adjustments on your pages. The system will auto-update the “season” filter’s data source, and {{info.time.season}} will display LAST SEASON instead of THIS SEASON.

  1. Click Create Profile.
    The newly created profile will display on the dashboard.

Setting a Live Profile

The Live Profile determines which profile is used for CG application calls.

  1. Once you’ve created your profiles, set the desired Live Profile by selecting its associated radio button.

  2. Click Save to confirm.


Live Profile Set

You can now use your profile to query matchups.