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Overrides enable you to adjust data that might not be updated yet in our database or to make customizations based on specific preferences.

Use Cases

  1. Name Customization: While our API may list players with their official names, there might be popular alternatives that teams prefer. For instance, our API might list Stephen Curry, but you might want it to display as Steph Curry.
  2. Team Aliases: Different broadcast networks often have varying abbreviations for teams. The NBA, for example, might have the Golden State Warriors abbreviated as GS in one system and GSW in another. If a network prefers NY over NYK for the New York Knicks, this setting allows for that customization.

How to Use the Overrides Setting

  1. Click Add An Override.

  2. Select a team.

  3. If your override will apply to a specific player, select a player. Otherwise, if the override applies to the team, leave the Player field blank. The override in this example will apply to a player.

  4. Select the syntax you want to override in the Syntax dropdown and enter the desired value in the User Override field.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. Test your changes.

Overriding Team Names

When you override team names or aliases, it won't change the query syntax used to fetch that team in the system. For instance, even if you've set a display override for the New York Knicks' alias from "NYK" to "NY" for graphics, the original "NYK" must still be used in the query syntax.

Ignore Player

When you choose to Ignore a player, that player's data will no longer be returned for any queries that would normally use that player's context based on their jersey number. This is typically used in instances where two players on the same team have the same jersey numbers.