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Multiple Team/Player Syntax

To create a page with multiple different players and/or team’ data, you can use specific Entity Sytnax along with a Context Syntax.

Entity Syntax

  • For players, use a capital “P” along with the ordered of the player on the page (1-20) - i.e. {{ info.Player1.full_name }}
  • For teams, use a capital “T” along with the ordered of the team on the page (1-20) - i.e. {{ info.Team2.alias }}

Context Syntax

The Context Syntax defines the specific player or team that applies to the corresponding ordered entities from above. The indication for context syntax is the word MULTI followed by the player and team info separated by commas in between square brackets. Teams require the team alias followed by “()” and Players require the team alias followed by the jersey number in between parentheses. (see example below)

Note: It is recommended that the Context Syntax be placed on a dummy field that is not visible on the graphic to ensure that syntax does not make air. Also, a reminder if you are using Chyron, you will still need to include an exclamation point (!).

MULTI[Team1=LAA(), Player1=LAA(27), Team2=CWS(), Player2=CWS(88), Team3=TOR(),and Player3=TOR(8)]