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Sportradar Coverage

Find every sport covered across all Sportradar products.

Products & Sports

Data APIs

All major leagues and sports around the globe, including:

See all sports and leagues at our Coverage Matrix

Odds APIs

US and Global Sportsbooks offered.

APIs include:

Check out our Odds APIs documentation for more info.

Images & Editorial APIs

Images and Editorial Content for all major sports. Content includes:

  • Player Headshots
  • Editorial Articles
  • Action Shots
  • Coach and Venue Images

Visit our Images & Editorial API docs, or reference our Coverage Document for all sports and leagues offered.


Create additional context around a game, such as player highs, milestones, leaderboards, predictions, and betting insights.

Available via radar360 UI and/or API. The below leagues are covered.

  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NCAA Football
  • NCAA Men's Basketball
  • NCAA Women's Basketball
  • Soccer


Custom-built, customizable widgets. Hosted and maintained by Sportradar.

Widgets available for:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • WNBA
  • NCAA Football
  • Golf
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NCAA Men's Basketball
  • Soccer


Visit our Widgets docs or browse our Widget Showcase.


Knock your graphics out the park with our all-in-one OnAir broadcast graphics tool.

League Specific & General Sport APIs

To best support major US sports and sports played globally, Sportradar offers League Specific and General Sport API formats.

League Specific API format (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more) provides the greatest depth of coverage available for the given league with the broadest set of statistics that we offer. For all League Specific APIs, we provide most (if not all) events with full play-by-play coverage, as well as scores and statistics in near real time. Further coverage info for these leagues can be found in the Coverage Levels documentation for each league. We have structured these APIs to be tailored to the sport, providing you with the best experience when integrating our data.

General Sport API format (Global American Football, Global Baseball, Global Basketball, Global Ice Hockey, and more) provides a breadth of coverage across numerous leagues worldwide. All General Sport APIs follow a consistent structure and format between sports, making it easy to consume the data across different leagues or competitions. Coverage for a given league, competition, or sport event within these General Sport APIs can vary. Visit our Coverage Matrix for interactive browsing.

Coverage Matrix

All League Specific and General Sport API coverage information can be accessed via our interactive Coverage Matrix.

Browse the matrix to view the breadth of data we offer for each league around the world. To understand the matrix, reference the terms below.

Coverage Terms

Term Description
Package Dropdown to select your sport/league
Tier Dropdown to select a tiered level of coverage
Category Host country of the league/competition
Name Name of the league/competition
Competition ID Unique ID of the league/competition
Live Denotes whether a match is scouted live or post-match. Live events include realtime scores. Partial coverage may be due to qualification stages having lower coverage
Schedules Availability of previous and upcoming matches/games, including team and event information
Results Full event scoring availability by period (e.g. 1st half, 2nd half, Extra-time, Penalties)
Scoring Events Score changing events delivered in the timeline as separate data points in play-by-play fashion. Partial coverage will not include player detail
Standings The current standings for a given season of a competition, updated after each sport event in the season. Partial coverage may be due to cup rounds included in the competition where standings do not apply. Coverage for cup competitions can vary depending on the round of the competition
Live Standings Denotes seasonal standings updates when there is a score change in any live sport event in the season
Squads Indicates whether the team profile endpoint contains an up-to-date list of current players
Competitor Profile Indicates whether a basic competitor profile will be available. Data depth will depend on coverage
Head 2 Head Previous matches between two specified competitors (including previous seasons and outside a particular league)
Push Indicates whether this competition events and statistics are available via Push delivery
Lineups A list of starting players, substitutes, manager details, and formations. Partial coverage will have post-match lineups
Leaders Provides a ranked list of player statistical categories for a given season (Soccer Only)
Extended Statistics Applies only to the Soccer v4 package. Includes passes, tackles, dribbles, crosses, blocks, interceptions, chances created, minutes played for top tier competitions (Soccer Only)
Deeper Statistics Statistics for shots, offsides, corners, and free kicks (Soccer Only)
Basic Statistics Statistics for goals, substitutions, and cards (Soccer Only)
Deeper Play by Play Raw events delivered in the timeline as separate data points in play-by-play fashion. Includes free_kick, goal_kick, throw_in, offside, corner_kick, shot_on_target, shot_off_target, save, penalty_kick, shot_saved (Soccer Only)
Basic Play by Play Timeline events for goals, cards & substitutions (Soccer Only)
Boxscore Player statistics are available post-match (Global Basketball Only)
Match Clock A running match clock is available (Global Basketball Only)
Stats Leaders Live statistics leaders are available. Includes leader_points, leader_assists, leader_rebounds (Global Basketball Only)
Enhanced Statistics Statistics for winners and unforced errors split by type of stroke are delivered (Tennis Only)
Detailed Serve Outcomes Statistics for aces, double-faults and second_serve_points_won (Tennis Only)
Play by Play Indicates we are able to provide point by point coverage (Tennis Only)

League Specific Coverage

To supplement our Coverage Matrix, we offer further detail for each League Specific API. Click on the links below for a coverage breakdown of each league/sport.