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Response Codes

Our APIs support the following HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. This list is not exhaustive, but provides the most common responses our APIs deliver.

Numeric CodeMessageDescription
200OKThe request was successful
400Bad RequestA variable in the request is incorrect, check the reply message for details
403ForbiddenThe request is legitimate but proper authorization was not provided
403Developer Over LimitThe provided key has exceeded the rate limit
403Developer Over QPSThe provided key has exceeded the queries per second limit
403Developer Over RateThe provided key has exceeded the rate limit
404Not FoundThe request resource was not found
404Not FoundInvalid route
404Not FoundWrong identifier
404Not FoundNo outrights for this category
404Not FoundTimestamp is too old
404Not FoundNo schedule for this tournament
404Not FoundNo tournaments for this sport
429Too Many RequestsThe number of sent requests to the endpoint has exceeded the rate limit
500Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an unexpected condition, which prevented it from fulfilling the request or serving the response
503Database ErrorThe server was unable to retrieve the request
503Service UnavailableThe server is undergoing scheduled maintenance
503Backend Fetch FailedThe server could not reach the requested resource
504Gateway TimeoutThe server did not receive a timely response from another server upstream
596Service Not FoundThe called upon service does not exist on this server