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Probabilities Overview

Get started with Probabilities API v1


The Probabilities API provides live and pre-match 3-way (win, lose, or draw) probabilities for sporting events. Top US bookmakers are featured, and return odds for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, top soccer leagues, and more.

The API is consistent in structure, format, and behavior with the other General Sport APIs. Primary feeds will return schedules for sports and leagues covered.

Additional feeds provide probability breakdowns for events, including a live timeline for supported games.


Authentication is required for all API calls.


To best utilize the Probabilities API, you will need several parameters to create your API calls. The map below illustrates how you can obtain the parameters you need.

Primary feeds don't require any parameters, while other feeds may require dates, IDs or other human-readable parameters to identify the category, sport, sport event or tournament that the feed will describe. The primary feeds provide Sport IDs, sports feeds provide Sport Event and Competition IDs, the competition feed provide Season IDs, and the seasonal feed provides Sport Event IDs.

Endpoint Descriptions

Competition Seasons – Returns a list of seasons for a given competition ID. 

Seasonal Outright Probabilities – Returns a list of probabilities for various seasonal outrights. 

Seasonal Probabilities - Returns a list of sport events with probabilities, for a given competition season ID. 

Sport Competitions – Returns a list of competitions IDs for a given sport ID. 

Sport Event Probabilities - Returns probabilities for a given sport event ID. 

Sport Event Probabilities Timeline - Returns a list of probability changes during an event for a given sport event ID. 

Sport Schedule - Returns a list of scheduled sport events by sport ID and date. 

Sports - Returns a list of sports and their IDs.

Data Retrieval Samples

To find the Sport Event Probabilities for a Cricket match on a given day:

  1. Call the Sports endpoint and find Cricket.
  2. Take note of the "sport - id" for Cricket (sr:sport:21).
  3. Call the Sport Schedule endpoint using the sport id and the given day you are interested in.
  4. Find the sport event you are interested in and call the Sport Event Probabilities feed with the "sport_event - id".

The probabilities for the chosen match are displayed.

To find the Probabilities for a season of Cricket and view a Sport Event Probabilities Timeline:

  1. Call the Sports endpoint and find Cricket.
  2. Take note of the "sport - id" for Cricket (sr:sport:21).
  3. Call the Sport Competitions endpoint and take note of the "competition - id" for the competition you want.
  4. Call the Competition Seasons endpoint using the "competition - id" and take note of the "season - id" for the season you want.
  5. Call the Seasonal Probabilities endpoint using the "season - id" and take note of the "sport_event - id" for the match you want.
  6. Call the Sport Event Probabilities Timeine endpoint using the "sport_event - id".

Integration Links

OpenAPI Spec

Our Probabilities API is available via OpenAPI. Click below to view and/or download the specs.

Probabilities v1 OpenAPI

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our Probabilities API collection.

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire Probabilities API XSD schema.

Probabilities v1 Schema