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Statistics Summary

A quick overview of all statistics available through the Probabilities v1 API.

Click the arrow under each table to view endpoints that could return the statistics above.

Category & Sport

Category Country Code
Category Id
Category Name
Sport Id
Sport Name
Category & Sport Information available in:


Competitor Abbreviation
Competitor Country
Competitor Country Code
Competitor Id
Competitor Name
Competitor Qualifier
Competitor Information available in:


Competition Gender
Competition Id
Competition Name
Group – Group Name
Group Id
Group Name
Round Number
Season Competition Id
Season End Date
Season Id
Season Name
Season Start Date
Season Year
Stage End Date
Stage Order
Stage Phase
Stage Start Date
Stage Type
Stage Year
Competition Information available in:

Sport Event

Sport Event Id
Sport Event Start Time
Sport Event Start Time Confirmed
Sport Event Status – Away Dismissals
Sport Event Status – Away Score
Sport Event Status – Delivery
Sport Event Status – Home Dismissals
Sport Event Status – Home Score
Sport Event Status – Innings
Sport Event Status – Live Flag
Sport Event Status – Match Status
Sport Event Status – Over
Sport Event Status – Status
Sport Event Status – Winner Id
Sport Event Information available in:


Away Score
Home Score
Market Last Updated
Market Live
Market Name
Match Time
Outcome Name
Outcome Probability
Time Remaining
Time Remaining in Period
Probability Information available in:


City Name
Country Name
Country Code
Map Coordinates
Venue Id
Venue Information available in: