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Statistics Summary

A quick overview of all statistics available through the Odds Comparison Futures v2 API.

Click the arrow under each table to view endpoints that could return the statistics above.

Category & Sport

Category Country Code
Category Id
Category Name
Sport Id
Sport Name
Sport Type
Category & Sport Information available in:


Competition Futures
Competition Gender
Competition Id
Competition Markets
Competition Name
Competition Player Props
Competition Information available in:

Market & Book

Book External Market Id
Book External Sport Event Id
Book Id
Book Name
Book Removed
Market Id
Market Name
Market & Book Information available in:


Competitor Id
Competitor Name
External Outcome Id
Field Id
Odds American
Odds Decimal
Odds Fraction
Open Odds – American
Open Odds – Decimal
Open Odds – Fraction
Outcome Id
Player Id
Player Name
Outcome Information available in:


External IdId
Mapping Information available in: