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Change Log

Find all updates to Odds Comparison Prematch v2

Past Odds Data Availability

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
06/27/2023Sport Event MarketsUpdated the Sport Event Markets endpoint to return odds data past 24 hours.

This will allow for testing of new markets and integrations of sports that are not in an active season.

Update applies to: Odds Comparison Player Props v2, Odds Comparison Prematch v2

New Schedule Endpoints

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
03/31/2023Competition Schedules
Daily Schedules
Added two new schedule endpoints: Daily Schedules and Competition Schedules.

These will provide scheduling info – by sport or competition – for all events with odds or player props available. Identify events here and then make a call to the event level endpoints to retrieve odds.

New 'is_live' Market Attribute

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
11/29/2022Competition Sport Event Markets
Daily Sport Event Markets
Sport Event Markets
Added a is_live boolean attribute to all Player Props and Sport Event Markets endpoints. This will signify whether a market is currently live.


Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
11/15/2022Competition Sport Event Markets
Daily Sport Event Markets
Pagination was updated for the Sport Event Markets endpoints. This update improves the stability of the feeds, ensuring that all props are returned without issue.

Gender Support

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
04/01/2022Sport CompetitionsAdded gender to each competition in the Sport Competitions endpoint.

Consensus Book

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
04/01/2022BooksAdded consensus as a valid book in the Books endpoint.

API Release

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
02/24/2022AllInitial release for Odds Comparison Prematch.