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New Markets

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01/04/2024Daily Sports Schedule

Sport Event Change Log

Sport Event Markets

Tournament Schedule
Added two new markets:

-       Correct Score (odds_type_id=”106”)
-       Halftime Fulltime (odds_type_id=”107”)
<market odds_type_id="106" name="correct_score" group_name="regular">
<book id="sr:book:6" name="Unibet">
    <outcome odds_field_id="-2" type="others" odds="151.000" odds_trend="down"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="20" type="1-0" odds="15.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="21" type="2-0" odds="61.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="22" type="2-1" odds="14.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="23" type="3-0" odds="56.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="24" type="3-1" odds="31.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="25" type="3-2" odds="30.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="26" type="4-0" odds="161.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="27" type="4-1" odds="91.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="28" type="4-2" odds="91.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="39" type="0-0" odds="16.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="40" type="1-1" odds="8.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="41" type="2-2" odds="12.500" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="42" type="3-3" odds="41.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="43" type="0-1" odds="8.500" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="44" type="0-2" odds="8.500" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="45" type="1-2" odds="7.500" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="46" type="0-3" odds="11.500" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="47" type="1-3" odds="10.500" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="48" type="2-3" odds="17.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="49" type="0-4" odds="20.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="50" type="1-4" odds="19.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="51" type="2-4" odds="30.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="62" type="3-4" odds="67.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="63" type="4-3" odds="111.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
    <outcome odds_field_id="64" type="4-4" odds="181.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
<market odds_type_id="107" name="ht_ft" group_name="regular">
    <book id="sr:book:6" name="Unibet">
        <outcome odds_field_id="11" type="1/1" odds="4.500" odds_trend="down"/>
        <outcome odds_field_id="12" type="X/1" odds="7.000" odds_trend="down"/>
        <outcome odds_field_id="13" type="2/1" odds="25.000" odds_trend="down"/>
        <outcome odds_field_id="14" type="1/X" odds="12.500" odds_trend="down"/>
        <outcome odds_field_id="15" type="X/X" odds="5.750" odds_trend="down"/>
        <outcome odds_field_id="16" type="2/X" odds="12.500" odds_trend="down"/>
        <outcome odds_field_id="17" type="1/2" odds="21.000" odds_trend="neutral"/>
        <outcome odds_field_id="18" type="X/2" odds="5.800" odds_trend="up"/>
        <outcome odds_field_id="19" type="2/2" odds="3.500" odds_trend="up"/>

Pagination Update

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
11/06/2023Daily Sport Schedule

Sport Event Change Log

Tournament Schedule
Pagination is added for the Daily Sport Schedule, Sport Event Change Log, and Tournament Schedule endpoints.

Daily Schedule and Tournament Schedule now return 100 sport events per request. Sport Event Change Log now accepts a unix timestamp within the past 5 minutes.

Tournament Type

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
10/18/2023Daily Sports Schedule
Sport Event Change Log
Sport Event Markets
Sport Tournaments
Tournament Schedule
Added a type attribute for tournaments. Tournament type can be used to determine length/type of a fixture in cricket matches (ex. t10, t20).
<sport_event id="sr:match:41945881" scheduled="2023-10-17T08:30:00+00:00" start_time_tbd="false" status="cancelled">
    <tournament_round type="group" number="1"/>
    <season id="sr:season:69330" name="World Cup 2023" start_date="2023-10-05" end_date="2023-11-20" year="2023" tournament_id="sr:tournament:2474"/>
    <tournament id="sr:tournament:2474" name="World Cup" type="t10">
        <sport id="sr:sport:21" name="Cricket"/>
        <category id="sr:category:105" name="International"/>
"sport_event": {
    "id": "sr:match:41945881",
    "scheduled": "2023-10-17T08:30:00+00:00",
    "start_time_tbd": false,
    "status": "cancelled",
    "tournament_round": {
        "type": "group",
        "number": 1
    "season": {
        "id": "sr:season:69330",
        "name": "World Cup 2023",
        "start_date": "2023-10-05",
        "end_date": "2023-11-20",
        "year": "2023",
        "tournament_id": "sr:tournament:2474"
    "tournament": {
        "id": "sr:tournament:2474",
        "name": "World Cup",
        "type": "t10",
        "sport": {
            "id": "sr:sport:21",
            "name": "Cricket"
        "category": {
            "id": "sr:category:105",
            "name": "International"

Live/Non-Live Query Parameter

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
05/16/2023Daily Schedules
Sport Event Markets
Added an optional query parameter (live=true or live=false) to return live/non-live markets.

Removed Deep Linking

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
04/12/2022Bookmaker Deep Linking
Bookmaker Link Patterns
Removed support for the Bookmaker Deep Linking and Bookmaker Link Patterns feeds.

Name Change

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
07/15/2021n/aUpdated API name from Odds Comparison v1 to Odds Comparison Regular.

Line Values

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
11/27/2018Daily Sports Schedule
Sport Events Change Log
Sport Event Markets
Tournament Schedule
Added additional information about available consensus lines, and the possible values for “line – name” to the FAQ.

Opening Lines

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
07/10/2018Daily Sports Schedule
Sport Events Change Log
Sport Event Markets
Tournament Schedule
Added additional outcome data points: opening_handicap, opening_odds, opening_spread, and opening_total.

Linking Updates

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
06/12/2018Bookmaker Deep Linking
Bookmaker Link Patterns
Added data points to support the Bookmaker Link Patterns feed.

Book Name & ID

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
06/12/2018Bookmaker Link Patterns
Category Outrights
Daily Sports Schedule
Sport Events Change Log
Sport Event Markets
Tournament Schedule
Added book name and ID to additional feeds.

Tournament UUIDs

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
06/07/2018Daily Sports Schedule
Sport Events Change Log
Sport Event Markets
Tournament Schedule
Added Tournament UUID.

Venue UUIDs

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
06/07/2018Daily Sports Schedule
Sport Events Change Log
Sport Event Markets
Tournament Schedule
Added Venue UUID.

Mapping Endpoint Pagination

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
10/17/2017Mapping EndpointsAdded FAQ question to address paginated results from mapping feeds.

Mapping Endpoints

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
10/17/2017Mapping EndpointsAdded mapping information for players, seasons, sport events, teams, tournaments, and venues.

API Release

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
03/13/2017AllInitial release of Odds Comparison.