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OC Player Props Overview

Get started with Odds Comparison Player Props API v2


The Player Props API provides aggregated odds data for player props and player markets. Top US bookmakers are available, and return odds for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football and top soccer leagues.

The API is consistent in structure, format, and behavior with the other General Sport APIs. Primary feeds will return books, categories, sports, and tournaments offered.

Additional feeds provide a huge selection of player props broken down by sport, league, and event.


Authentication is required for all API calls.

Available Markets

See the table below for a complete breakdown of every player props market available.

SportMarket NameMarket ID
Basketball (NBA)Total points (incl. overtime)sr:market:921
Total assists (incl. overtime)sr:market:922
Total rebounds (incl. overtime)sr:market:923
Total 3-point field goals (incl. overtime)sr:market:924
Total steals (incl. overtime)sr:market:8000
Total blocks (incl. overtime)sr:market:8001
Total turnovers (incl. overtime)sr:market:8002
Total points plus rebounds (incl. overtime)sr:market:8003
Total points plus assists (incl. overtime)sr:market:8004
Total rebounds plus assists (incl. overtime)sr:market:8005
Total points plus assists plus rebounds (incl. overtime)sr:market:8006
Total blocks plus steals (incl. overtime)sr:market:8007
Double double (incl. overtime)sr:market:8008
Triple double (incl. overtime)sr:market:8009
Baseball (MLB)Total pitcher strikeouts (incl. extra innings)sr:market:925
Total bases (incl. extra innings)sr:market:926
Total earned runs (incl. extra innings)sr:market:928
Total hits (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9000
Total runs (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9001
Total runs batted in (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9002
Total home runs (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9003
Total singles (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9004
Total doubles (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9005
Total triples (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9006
Total stolen bases (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9007
Total pitcher outs (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9008
Total strikeouts (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9009
Total hits allowed (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9010
Total home runs allowed (incl. extra innings)sr:market:9011
To hit a home runsr:market:9012
Ice Hockey (NHL)First goalscorersr:market:38
Last goalscorersr:market:39
Anytime goalscorersr:market:40
Total shots (incl. overtime)sr:market:7000
Total assists (incl. overtime)sr:market:7001
Total points (incl. overtime)sr:market:7002
Total power play points (incl. overtime)sr:market:7003
American Football (NFL, NCAA)Total passing yards (incl. overtime)sr:market:914
Total passing completions (incl. overtime)sr:market:915
Total passing touchdowns (incl. overtime)sr:market:916
Total carries (incl. overtime)sr:market:917
Total rushing yards (incl. overtime)sr:market:918
Total receiving yards (incl. overtime)sr:market:919
Total receptions (incl. overtime)sr:market:920
Total passing interceptions (incl. overtime)sr:market:6000
Total passing attempts (incl. overtime)sr:market:6001
First touchdown scorersr:market:6014
Anytime touchdown scorersr:market:6016
Player to score 2 or more touchdownssr:market:6017
Player to score 3 or more touchdownssr:market:6018
American Football (NFL)Longest passing completion (incl. overtime)sr:market:6002
Total passing plus rushing yards (incl. overtime)sr:market:6003
Longest reception (incl. overtime)sr:market:6004
Total rushing plus receiving yards (incl. overtime)sr:market:6005
Longest rush (incl. overtime)sr:market:6006
Total kicking points (incl. overtime)sr:market:6007
Total extra points made (incl. overtime)sr:market:6008
Total field goals made (incl. overtime)sr:market:6009
Total assists (incl. overtime)sr:market:6010
Total tackles (incl. overtime)sr:market:6011
Total tackles plus assists (incl. overtime)sr:market:6012
Total sacks (incl. overtime)sr:market:6013
Last touchdown scorersr:market:6015
To record a sack (incl. overtime)sr:market:6019
To record an interception (incl. overtime)sr:market:6020
To throw an interception (incl. overtime)sr:market:6021
SoccerFirst goalscorersr:market:38
Last goalscorersr:market:39
Anytime goalscorersr:market:40


To best utilize the Odds Comparison Player Props API, you will need several parameters to create your API calls. The map below illustrates how you can obtain the parameters you need.

Primary feeds require only a Sport parameter, while other feeds may require dates, IDs or other human-readable parameters to identify the category, sport, sport event or tournament that the feed will describe. The primary feeds provide IDs for categories, sports and stages.

Mapping feeds provide a list of IDs for players, competitions, sport events, teams, and stages which are mapped between US IDs and Sportradar IDs. The mapping feeds have a limit of 30,000 results per page. To get additional results you need to use the optional query string parameters “start” and “limit” which are detailed in the affected feeds below.

Endpoint Descriptions

Books – Returns a list of configured bookmakers and their IDs. 

Competition Mappings – Provides competition ID mapping between League Specific and General Sport ID types.

Competition Schedules - Provides scheduling info for all events with props available in a given competition.

Competitor Mappings – Provides competitor ID mapping between League Specific and General Sport ID types.

Daily Schedules - Provides scheduling info for all events with props available for a given sport and date. 

Player Mappings – Provides player ID mapping between League Specific and General Sport ID types.

Player Props Change Log - Returns a list of the latest odds changes. 

Sport Categories – Returns a list of categories for a sport ID that have odds available. 

Sport Competitions – Returns a list of competitions for a sport ID that have odds available. 

Sport Event Mappings - Provides sport event ID mapping between League Specific and General Sport ID types.

Sport Event Player Props - Returns a list of player props for a given sport event ID. 

Sport Stages – Returns a list of stages and categories for a sport ID that have odds available. 

Sports – Returns a list of sports and sport IDs. 

Stage Mappings - Provides stage ID mapping between League Specific and General Sport ID types.

Data Retrieval Sample

To find the player props for a sport event on a given day:

  1. Call the Sports resource and make note of the Sport Id for your event
  2. Call the Daily Sport Player Props for your given date, using the Sport Id
  3. Find the Sport Event Id of your event within the results
  4. Call the Sport Event Player Props using your located Sport Event Id

Integration Links

OpenAPI Spec

Our Odds Comparison Player Props API is available via OpenAPI. Click below to view and/or download the specs.

Odds Comparison Player Props v2 OpenAPI

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our Odds Comparison Player Props API collection.

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire Odds Comparison Player Props API XSD schema.

Odds Comparison Player Props v2 Schema