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NASCAR Overview


Sportradar is the official data provider of real-time NASCAR data! We combine on-track speed and accuracy with in-depth race and seasonal driver statistics. All three NASCAR series (Cup, Xfinity, and Trucks) are covered in full.

The NASCAR API is consistent in structure, format, and behavior with our other League Specific APIs. Our primary feeds return schedules, standings, team and driver data, and real-time race leaderboards.

Our other feeds provide a host of complimentary statistics and information, including:

  • Entry lists
  • Practice leaderboards
  • Qualifying leaderboards
  • Seasonal driver statistics
  • Detailed track profiles


Authentication is required for all API calls.


To best utilize the NASCAR API, you will need several parameters to create your API calls. The map below illustrates how you can obtain the parameters you need.

The primary Schedule feeds require only a Series Id (e.g. 'mc' for Cup) to call the endpoint. These feeds provide season Race Ids, which can be used to generate each of the Event feeds.

Endpoint Descriptions

Daily Change Log – Provides IDs and timestamps for race information, race results, driver information, track information, or standings that have been modified on a given date. To receive the data updates, use these unique IDs to pull relevant API feeds.

Driver Standings – Provides detailed driver standings and season statistics, including starting position, finishing position, and laps completed averages.

Driver Statistics – Provides seasonal statistics for all drivers, catalogued by track type, track name, and race name.

Drivers – Provides detailed driver biographical information for a given season, including information regarding their cars and teams. 

Entry List – Provides information regarding all drivers scheduled to attempt to qualify for a race. 

Manufacturer Standings – Provides standings information for manufacturers for a given series. 

Owner Standings – Provides standings information for car owners for a given series. 

Playoff Schedule – Provides detailed schedule info for all playoff events associated with a given series. 

Practice Leaderboard – Provides practice information for all drivers entered in the field including sequence, speed, time, and finish position. 

Qualifying Leaderboard – Provides qualifying information for all drivers entered in the field including fastest speed, time, and finish position. 

Race Leaderboard – Provides detailed information concerning a drivers race performance during and after the race. 

Rookie Standings – Provides detailed rookie driver standings and season statistics, including starting position, finishing position, and laps completed averages. 

Schedule – Provides detailed schedule info for all events in a given series. 

Seasons – Provides a list of all available seasons within each race series.

Starting Grid – Provides the official start order of a race. 

Tracks – Provides detailed information regarding all tracks within the Cup, Xfinity, and Craftsman race series.

Data Retrieval Sample

To find the leaderboard for a given race:

  1. Call the Schedule endpoint and find the Race Id for your desired race
  2. Call the Race Leaderboard using the Race Id

The leaderboard for this race is displayed.


Our NASCAR API provides real-time updates for Cup, Xfinity, and Truck events. Each race, practice and qualifying event updates live, with lap-by-lap coverage.

Integration Links

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our NASCAR API collection.

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire NASCAR API XSD schema.

NASCAR v3 Schema

Data Entry Workflow


Previous week’s races’ status changed from complete to closed

Drivers’ standings are confirmed

Upcoming week’s races’ status changed from scheduled to initialized

Confirm entry list for upcoming week’s races (continues until 1st practice)


Update drivers, sponsors, teams (this is ongoing work)

Thursday - Sunday

Monitoring of NASCAR-sourced incoming practice, qualifying, and race data as events occur