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Rookie Standings

NASCAR Rookie Standings provides detailed rookie driver standings and season statistics, including starting position, finishing position, and laps completed averages.


Update Frequency

2s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

Series & Events:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idseries - seasonGUIDUnique ID of a season
ex. 81d2010a-8a5d-4e69-b2ec-cc21c3f988ce
yearseries - seasonStringYear of a season
aliasseriesStringAbbreviation for a NASCAR series
ex. CUP or TRUCK
idseriesGUIDUnique ID of a series
ex. 3e32047e-4ff3-4e35-a607-1546a2c32214
nameseriesStringName of a NASCAR series
ex. NASCAR Cup Series or NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
first_namedriverStringFirst name of a driver
ex. Kevin
full_namedriverStringFull name of a driver
ex. Kevin Harvick
iddriverGUIDUnique ID of a driver
ex. 9d18716c-fd73-48d4-b3da-44228c767b84
in_chasedriverBooleanSignifies a driver is in playoff contention
last_namedriverStringLast name of a driver
ex. Harvick
statusdriverStringStatus of a driver
Season Standings:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
avg_finish_positiondriverDecimalAverage finish position of a driver
ex. 13.4722
avg_laps_completeddriverDecimalAverage laps completed in a race
ex. 258.1389
avg_start_positiondriverDecimalAverage start position of a driver
ex. 13.4722
chase_bonusdriverIntegerNumber of bonus points. Wins (5 pts) + Stage Wins (1 pt) + Regular Season Standings (1-15 pts)
chase_stage_winsdriverIntegerNumber of stage wins during the playoffs
chase_winsdriverIntegerNumber of wins during the playoffs
dnfdriverIntegerNumber of races a driver did not finish
laps_leddriverIntegerNumber of laps led
laps_led_pctdriverDecimalLaps led percentage
ex. 7.64
moneydriverDecimalMoney earned. Note: This is no longer supported in years 2016 or later.
pointsdriverIntegerNumber of points in a season
behinddriverIntegerNumber of points behind the leader
ex. -5
polesdriverIntegerNumber of poles
rankdriverIntegerSeason standings rank
stage_winsdriverIntegerNumber of stage wins
startsdriverIntegerNumber of starts
top_5driverIntegerNumber of top 5 finishes
top_10driverIntegerNumber of top 10 finishes
top_15driverIntegerNumber of top 15 finishes
top_20driverIntegerNumber of top 20 finishes
laps_completeddriverIntegerNumber of laps completed
winsdriverIntegerNumber of race wins
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