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NASCAR Tracks provides detailed information regarding all tracks within the Cup, Xfinity, Camping World, and eNASCAR race series.


Update Frequency

2s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
addresstrackStringAddress of a track
ex. 1301 Harry Byrd Hwy
backstretchtrackIntegerBackstretch length of a track in feet
bankingtrackStringBanking information of a track
ex. Turns:23-25;Backstretch:6;Frontstretch:6
citytrackStringCity of a track
ex. Darlington
completedtrackIntegerYear the building of a track was completed
countrytrackStringCountry of a track
ex. USA
distancetrackFloatTrack length in miles
ex. 2.66
frontstretchtrackIntegerFrontstretch length of a track in feet
idtrackGUIDUnique ID of a track
ex. aab526c7-4279-4693-9cb1-90e3c7b974fc
lattrackDecimalLatitude of a track
ex. 29.192994
lngtrackDecimalLongitude of a track
ex. -81.067
markettrackStringMarket of a track
ex. Darlington or Las Vegas
nametrackStringName of a track
ex. Darlington Raceway
ownertrackStringOwner of a track
ex. International Speedway Corp.
shapetrackStringShape of a track
ex. Oval or D-Shaped Oval
statetrackStringState of a track
ex. South Carolina
surfacetrackStringSurface of a track
ex. Paved
track_typetrackStringType of track
ex. Superspeedway
ziptrackStringZip code of a track
ex. 29532
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