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Race Leaderboard

NASCAR Race Leaderboard provides detailed information concerning a drivers race performance during and after the race.


Update Frequency

2s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
actual_distanceraceBooleanThe actual amount of mileage ran for a race
start_timeevent - racedateTimeOriginal TV broadcast start time of a race
ex. 2022-09-04T22:00:00+00:00
end_timeevent - racedateTimeOriginal TV broadcast end time of a race
ex. 2022-09-05T02:00:00+00:00
award_poleraceBooleanSignifies a race provides a pole award for the first driver
cautionsraceIntegerNumber of cautions in a race
caution_lapsraceIntegerNumber of caution laps in a race
chase_raceraceBooleanSignifies a race is part of the playoffs
commentsraceStringText description/recap of a race event
ex. Austin Cindric has won the DAYTONA 500 at Daytona International Speedway...
conditionraceStringCurrent racing condition at the track
ex. normal, conditions_caution

Click here for a complete list of race conditions
distanceraceIntegerDistance of a race in miles
elapsed_timeraceStringTime of a race in HH:MM:SS
ex. 3:31:53
heat_raceraceBooleanSignifies a race is a heat race
idraceGUIDUnique ID of a race
ex. 24ba9219-ebe8-4e1f-a21c-71edfd9aaf44
lapsraceIntegerNumber of laps in a race
laps_completedraceIntegerNumber of laps completed by the leader in a race
lead_changesraceIntegerNumber of lead changes in a race
nameraceStringName of a race
ex. DAYTONA 500
numberraceIntegerRace number within a season
parent_idraceGUIDUnique ID that links events together across seasons (e.g. Daytona 500)
ex. de3f49e0-9393-4d7e-b5a5-3cf5b94a9f38
purseraceDecimalPurse of a race. Note: This is no longer supported in years 2016 or later.
scheduledracedateTimeScheduled date and time of a race
ex. 2022-02-20T19:30:00+00:00
stage_1_lapsraceIntegerNumber of laps in stage 1
stage_2_lapsraceIntegerNumber of laps in stage 2
stage_3_lapsraceIntegerNumber of laps in stage 3
stage_countraceIntegerNumber of stages in which a driver can earn stage points
statusraceStringRace status
scheduled, created, initialized, practice, qualifying, prerace, inprogress, complete, closed, delayed, canceled, rescheduled, maintenance, warmup, time-tbd
victory_marginraceDecimalMargin of victory in a race
ex. .036
Race Flag State:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
flag_staterace - flagIntegerStates of a flag event
warmup, green, yellow, red, finish
laprace - flagIntegerLap number of a flag event
sequencerace - flagIntegerSequence number of a flag event
commentsrace - flagStringText description of a flag event, including car numbers involved
ex. <![CDATA[#2, 14, 50 Incident Turn 2]]>
beneficiaryrace - flagStringCar number of a beneficiary (car which earns a lap) of a flag event
ex. <![CDATA[16 ]]>
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
backstretchtrackIntegerBackstretch length of a track in feet
bankingtrackStringBanking information of a track
ex. Turns: 31, Tri-Oval: 18, Backstretch: 3
distancetrackFloatTrack length in miles
ex. 2.66
frontstretchtrackIntegerBackstretch length of a track in feet
idtrackGUIDUnique ID of a track
ex. 6ff97f68-2e9d-4fe6-8cd8-2969e1d3570b
lattrackDecimalLatitude of a track
ex. 29.192994
lngtrackDecimalLongitude of a track
ex. -81.067
nametrackStringName of a track
ex. Daytona International Speedway
shapetrackStringShape of a track
ex. Oval or D-Shaped Oval
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idresult - carGUIDUnique ID of a car
ex. 9b6f938a-37c6-4416-8d8c-b4ad6aa7e8a0
numberresult - carIntegerNumber of a car
crew_chiefresult - carStringCrew chief for a car
ex. Paul Wolfe
sponsorsresult - carStringSponsors for a car
ex. Shell Pennzoil/AAA Southern California
idresult - car - manufacturerGUIDUnique ID of a manufacturer
ex. 73364deb-a012-4625-b759-db6a236797e3
nameresult - car - manufacturerStringName of a manufacturer
ex. Toyota
idresult - car - ownerGUIDUnique ID of a car owner
ex. 03246399-5e63-4c21-9c5f-24074e3bf515
nameresult - car - ownerStringName of a car owner
ex. Walter Czarnecki
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
first_namedriverStringFirst name of a driver
ex. Kevin
full_namedriverStringFull name of a driver
ex. Kevin Harvick
iddriverGUIDUnique ID of a driver
ex. 9d18716c-fd73-48d4-b3da-44228c767b84
in_chasedriverBooleanSignifies a driver is in playoff contention
last_namedriverStringLast name of a driver
ex. Harvick
points_eligibledriverBooleanSignifies a driver is eligible for points in a series
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idresult - car - teamGUIDUnique ID of a team
ex. e337709c-9fb6-4275-ad89-d9c100e71a1d
nameresult - car - teamStringName of a team
ex. Team Penske
idresult - car - team - ownerGUIDUnique ID of a team owner
ex. 57198af5-d912-4efc-9135-95fc6c0a3fc5
nameresult - car - team - ownerStringName of a team owner
ex. Roger Penske
Race Statistics:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
avg_positionresultDecimalAverage position for a driver in a race
ex. 6.249
avg_restart_speedresultDecimalAverage speed for a driver on restarts
ex. 182.706
avg_speedresultDecimalAverage speed for a driver in a race
ex. 142.302
behind_leaderresultDecimalDelta of a driver behind the leader
Live statistic only
best_lapresultIntegerBest lap of a race for a driver
ex. 188
best_lap_speedresultDecimalHighest lap speed for a driver during a race
ex. 195.219
best_lap_timeresultDecimalFastest lap time for a driver in a race
ex. 46.102
bonus_pointsresultIntegerTotal stage 1 points + stage 2 points
driver_ratingresultDecimalDriver rating for a race (0-150)
elapsed_timeresultDecimalTotal time of a race in HH:MM:SS
ex. 2:58:42
fastest_lapsresultIntegerNumber of laps in which a driver was the fastest during a race
laps_behindresultDecimalLap delta of a driver behind the leader (if 1 or more laps behind)
Live statistic only
laps_completedresultIntegerNumber of laps completed in a race for a driver
ex. 201
last_lap_speedresultDecimalHighest speed for a driver during their final lap
ex. 190.682
last_lap_timeresultDecimalLap time for a driver for their final lap
ex. 47.199
moneyresultIntegerMoney earned. Note: This is no longer supported in years 2016 or later.
penalty_pointsresultIntegerPoints deducted after a race weekend
pointsresultIntegerTotal points earned for a race
positionresultIntegerCurrent position of a driver in a race
statusresultStringPost-race driver result status
See our FAQ for a complete list of result statuses and their descriptions
stage_1_pointsresultIntegerTotal points earned during stage 1 (1-10)
stage_1_winresultBooleanSignifies a stage 1 win for a driver
stage_2_pointsresultIntegerTotal points earned during stage 2 (1-10)
stage_2_winresultBooleanSignifies a stage 2 win for a driver
stage_3_pointsresultIntegerTotal points earned during stage 3 (1-10)
stage_3_winresultBooleanSignifies a stage 3 win for a driver
start_positionresultIntegerStarting position for a driver in a race
times_ledresultIntegerNumber of times leading a race for a driver
Laps Led:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
laps_ledresultIntegerNumber of laps led in a race for a driver
ex. 21
sequenceresult - laps-led - leadIntegerSequence number for a laps led entry
start_lapresult - laps-led - leadIntegerLap number for the beginning of a laps led entry
ex. 157
end_lapresult - laps-led - leadIntegerLap number for the end of a laps led entry
ex. 162
Pit Stops:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
pit_stopsresultIntegerNumber of pit stops in a race for a driver
ex. 8
in_timeresult - pit-stops - pit-stopDecimalRace time a driver began a pit stop
ex. 1754.495
lapresult - pit-stops - pit-stopIntegerLap number of a pit stop
leader_lapresult - pit-stops - pit-stopIntegerLeader lap number of a pit stop
out_timeresult - pit-stops - pit-stopDecimalRace time a driver ended a pit stop
ex. 1754.495
positions_gainedresult - pit-stops - pit-stopIntegerNumber of positions gained or lost during a pit stop
ex. 4 or -7
sequenceresult - pit-stops - pit-stopIntegerSequence number for a pit stop entry
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