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Starting Grid

NASCAR Starting Grid provides the official start order of a race.


Update Frequency

2s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
award_poleraceBooleanSignifies a race provides a pole award for the first driver
chase_raceraceBooleanSignifies a race is part of the playoffs
conditionraceStringCurrent racing condition at the track
ex. normal, conditions_caution

Click here for a complete list of race conditions
distanceraceIntegerDistance of a race in miles
heat_raceraceBooleanSignifies a race is a heat race
idraceGUIDUnique ID of a race
ex. 24ba9219-ebe8-4e1f-a21c-71edfd9aaf44
lapsraceIntegerNumber of laps in a race
nameraceStringName of a race
ex. Bluegreen Vacations Duel 1 at DAYTONA
numberraceIntegerRace number within a season
parent_idraceGUIDUnique ID that links events together across seasons (e.g. Daytona 500)
ex. de3f49e0-9393-4d7e-b5a5-3cf5b94a9f38
purseraceDecimalPurse of a race. Note: This is no longer supported in years 2016 or later.
scheduledracedateTimeScheduled date and time of a race
ex. 2022-02-20T19:30:00+00:00
statusraceStringRace status
scheduled, created, initialized, practice, qualifying, prerace, inprogress, complete, closed, delayed, canceled, rescheduled, maintenance, warmup, time-tbd
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
backstretchtrackIntegerBackstretch length of a track in feet
bankingtrackStringBanking information of a track
ex. Turns: 31, Tri-Oval: 18, Backstretch: 3
distancetrackFloatTrack length in miles
ex. 2.66
frontstretchtrackIntegerBackstretch length of a track in feet
idtrackGUIDUnique ID of a track
ex. 6ff97f68-2e9d-4fe6-8cd8-2969e1d3570b
lattrackDecimalLatitude of a track
ex. 29.192994
lngtrackDecimalLongitude of a track
ex. -81.067
nametrackStringName of a track
ex. Daytona International Speedway
shapetrackStringShape of a track
ex. Oval or D-Shaped Oval
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idstarting-grid - carGUIDUnique ID of a car
ex. 9b6f938a-37c6-4416-8d8c-b4ad6aa7e8a0
numberstarting-grid - carIntegerNumber of a car
crew_chiefstarting-grid - carStringCrew chief for a car
ex. Paul Wolfe
sponsorsstarting-grid - carStringSponsors for a car
ex. Shell Pennzoil/AAA Southern California
idstarting-grid - car - manufacturerGUIDUnique ID of a manufacturer
ex. 73364deb-a012-4625-b759-db6a236797e3
namestarting-grid - car - manufacturerStringName of a manufacturer
ex. Toyota
idstarting-grid - car - ownerGUIDUnique ID of a car owner
ex. 03246399-5e63-4c21-9c5f-24074e3bf515
namestarting-grid - car - ownerStringName of a car owner
ex. Walter Czarnecki
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
first_namedriverStringFirst name of a driver
ex. Kevin
full_namedriverStringFull name of a driver
ex. Kevin Harvick
iddriverGUIDUnique ID of a driver
ex. 9d18716c-fd73-48d4-b3da-44228c767b84
in_chasedriverBooleanSignifies a driver is in playoff contention
last_namedriverStringLast name of a driver
ex. Harvick
points_eligibledriverBooleanSignifies a driver is eligible for points in a series
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idcar - teamGUIDUnique ID of a team
ex. e337709c-9fb6-4275-ad89-d9c100e71a1d
namecar - teamStringName of a team
ex. Team Penske
idcar - team - ownerGUIDUnique ID of a team owner
ex. 57198af5-d912-4efc-9135-95fc6c0a3fc5
namecar - team - ownerStringName of a team owner
ex. Roger Penske
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
lap_timestarting-grid - entryDecimalQualifying lap time for a race
ex. 49.765
positionstarting-grid - entryIntegerStarting position for a race
speedstarting-grid - entryDecimalTop speed (mph) for a driver in a race qualifyier
statusstarting-grid-entryStringStatus of a car prior to a race
ex. ontrack
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