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Rally Overview


The Rally API provides schedules and post-race results for the World Rally Championship. All data is collected via Sportradar’s expert operators.

Select the Rally package in our Coverage Matrix for events and data offered.

This API uses a descending, stage-based structure. By changing the stage ID, you can retrieve information on a season, event, or race.

Additional feeds provide complementary stats, including racer profiles and race win probabilities.


Authentication is required for all API calls.

Stage Format

The Rally API uses generic stage implementation. The core of the API is built around the concept of stages. For example, an event contains all races within that event as separate stage IDs. The IDs of each stage are usable in the URL path to request information about that particular stage.

The Rally sport and seasons within it are stages as well. The sport stage consists of season stages for each annual season. Using the ID of a chosen season as a parameter in the Stage Summary endpoint you can "drill down" into each season. For example, using the 2022 season ID as a parameter in the Stage Summary endpoint, the sub-stages will be individual race events.

The best way to 'start' the navigation with the Rally API is using the Seasons endpoint. From there one can obtain the stage ID for the season required and use that as a parameter in the Stage Summary endpoint.

Stage TypeInformation IncludedSub-stages
SportInformation about the seasons included. Note probabilities do not return valid data on this stage.Rally seasons (eg: 2021,2022)
SeasonContains the season schedule, driver standings and statistics.Events on the Rally calendar for that season.
EventInformation about a single event, the competitors, and the circuit.Race
Races within the eventDetails of the race itself, including the competitors and overall results.None


Endpoint Descriptions

Competitor Merge Mappings - Provides the valid Sportradar Id in cases when two competitors have been merged into one.

Competitor Profile – Provides biographical information for a given driver.

Deleted Stages - Provides all deleted stages within a given season.

Seasons - Provides a complete historical list of available seasons. This is the starting point for the Rally API. 

Stage Probabilities – Provides the outrights for each driver for a given race. 

Stage Schedule – Provides the schedule for a given stage. 

Stage Summary – Provides schedules and results information based on the stage provided (sport, season, event, or race).

Data Retrieval Sample

To find the win probabilities for a given race:

  1. Call the Seasons endpoint and find the Stage Id for the current season
  2. Call the Stage Schedule using the 'season' Stage Id
  3. Locate the Stage Id for the upcoming race
  4. Call the Stage Probabilities using the 'race' Stage Id
  5. Within the results locate the win probability for each racer

Integration Links

OpenAPI Spec

Our Rally API is available via OpenAPI. Click below to view and/or download the spec.

Rally v2 OpenAPI

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our Rally API collection.

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire Global Basketball API XSD schema.

Rally v2 Schema