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Global Baseball v2 Overview


The Global Baseball API provides real-time, inning-by-inning scoring (when available) and a database of supplementary statistics. Data is collected via Sportradar on-venue scouts and in-house operators.

League coverage includes: MLB, NPB, KBO, NCAA Baseball, NCAA Women's Softball, World Baseball Classic, and more. Select the Global Baseball package in our Coverage Matrix for competitions and data offered.

The API is consistent in structure, format and behavior with the other General Sport APIs. Primary feeds will return seasons, competitions, team and player data, and real-time scores.

Additional feeds provide a host of complementary stats, including:

  • Standings
  • Player profiles
  • Team profiles
  • Historical results
  • Match win probabilities

An extended Probabilities package is also offered. This add-on includes in-game probability updates and season outrights.


Women's Softball Access

All softball competitions can be accessed by changing the sport parameter from baseball to softball.

You must use your Master API Key within your account to access softball data.


To best utilize the Global Baseball API, you will need several parameters to create your API calls. The map below illustrates how you can obtain the parameters you need.

The primary feeds require only a date or human-readable parameters to call the endpoints. Those feeds provide Sport Event Ids, Competitor Ids, or Season Ids which can be used to generate the match, team, and tournament feeds.

Endpoint Descriptions

Competition Info - Provides the name, id, and parent id for a given competition.

Competition Seasons - Provides historical season information for a given competition. Competitions will return a maximum of three seasons of data, including current or newly created seasons.

Competitions - Provides a list of all available baseball competitions.

Competitor Mappings - Provides team id mapping between the Global Baseball API and the MLB API.

Competitor Merge Mappings - Provides the valid Sportradar Id in cases when two competitors have been merged into one. Mapping entries will remain in the feed for 7 days.

Competitor Profile - Provides top-level information for a given team, including the full team roster, manager, home venue, and team colors.

Competitor Summaries - Provides previous and upcoming game information for a given team, including statistics for past games and scheduling info for upcoming games. 

Competitor vs Competitor - Provides previous and upcoming matches between two teams, including scoring information. 

Daily Summaries - Provides game information for a given day, including scoring information.

Live Summaries - Provides game information for all currently live games, including team scoring. This feed updates in real time as games are played.

Live Timelines - Provides a play-by-play event timeline for currently live games. 

Live Timelines Delta - Provides a 10 second live delta of game information, including scoring and a play-by-play event timeline. 

Player Mappings - Provides player id mapping between the Global Baseball API and the MLB API. 

Player Merge Mappings - Provides valid ids for players who have had their profiles merged. While Sportradar always strives to provide one unique player id, it is a possibility for two ids to be created. This feed provides the correct id once profiles have been merged.

Player Profile - Provides player biographical information, including current team.

Player Summaries - Provides game info and results for the past 10 games in which a given player participated.

Season Competitors - Provides a list of teams participating for a given season. 

Season Info - Provides detailed information for a given season, including participating teams and league structure. 

Season Links - Provides information about linked cup rounds for a given season. Use this feed to compile full advancement brackets for relevant seasons/tournaments. Links between all matches and rounds are available when competitors (TBD vs. TBD) are not yet known.

Season Mappings - Provides season id mapping between the Global Baseball API and the MLB API. 

Season Players - Provides names and ids for all participating players for a given season. 

Season Probabilities - Provides 2-way win probabilities (home team win, away team win) for all games for a given season.   

Season Standings - Provides detailed standings info for a given season.

Season Summaries - Provides schedule information and scoring for all matches from a given season. 

Seasons - Provides a list of historical season information for all competitions. Competitions will return a maximum of three seasons of data, including current or newly created seasons.

Sport Event Mappings - Provides game id mapping between the Global Baseball API and the MLB API. 

Sport Event Summary - Provides real-time scoring for a given game. Please note that data returned is determined by coverage level.

Sport Event Timeline - Provides real-time scoring and a play-by-play event timeline for a given game. Please note that data returned is determined by coverage level.

Sport Event Created – Provides ids for sport events that have been created in the last 24 hours.

Sport Events Removed – Provides ids for sport events that have been removed or deleted.

Sport Events Updated – Provides ids for sport events that have been updated in the last 24 hours. 

Live Probabilities – Provides top-level information for live games. If probabilities are available for a game, pre-match and live probabilities will be displayed. 

Season Outright Probabilities – Provides a list of outright probabilities for each team from a given season.  

Sport Event Probabilities – Provides pre-match and live probabilities for a given match.

Sport Event Upcoming Probabilities – Provides a list of IDs for upcoming sport events in the next 24 hours. 

Timeline Probabilities – Provides a timeline of pre-match and live probability changes for a given game.


Probabilities Endpoints

Available only with the probabilities plan within the Global Baseball v2 package. See FAQ for details.

Data Retrieval Examples

To find the probability of a home team win for a given game:

  1. Call the Daily Schedule for the day the sport event takes place and find the Season Id for the chosen sport event
  2. Make note of the Sport Event Id for the given sport event
  3. Call the Season Probabilities using the Season Id
  4. Find Sport Event Id within the results locate the home team and the outcome probability

The probability of a home team win is displayed.

Integration Links

Open API Specs

Our Global Baseball API is available via OpenAPI. Click below to view and/or download the spec.

Global Baseball v2 OpenAPI

Global Baseball v2 Probabilities OpenAPI

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our Global Baseball API collection.

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire Global Baseball API XSD schema.

Global Baseball v2 Schema