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Live Timelines Delta

Global Baseball Live Timelines Delta provides a 10 second live delta of game information, including scoring and a play-by-play event timeline.


Update Frequency

1s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

Period Scores:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
away_scoresport_event_status - period_scores - period_scoreIntegerAway team inning score
home_scoresport_event_status - period_scores - period_scoreIntegerHome team inning score
numbersport_event_status - period_scores - period_scoreIntegerInning number
typesport_event_status - period_scores - period_scoreStringInning type
started, overtime, overtime_break, break, interrupted, 1st_inning, 2nd_inning, 3rd_inning, 4th_inning, 5th_inning, 6th_inning, 7th_inning, 8th_inning, 9th_inning, regular_period
Sport Event Status:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
away_scoresport_event_statusIntegerTotal score for the away team in the game
away_normaltime_scoresport_event_statusIntegerScore for the away team in normal time (9 innings)
home_scoresport_event_statusIntegerTotal score for the home team in the game
home_normaltime_scoresport_event_statusIntegerScore for the home team in normal time (9 innings)
decided_inningsport_event_statusIntegerFinal inning number of a game
match_statussport_event_statusStringStatus within a game (sport event). Provides more detail on the state of a sport event when live than status
ex. not_started, start_delayed, 1st_inning, postponed

See our FAQ for a complete list of statuses and their definitions.
scount_abandonedsport_event_statusBooleanSignifies a game was abandoned by a scout when true
statussport_event_statusStringStatus of a sport event
ex. not_started, live, ended, closed

See our FAQ for a complete list of statuses and their definitions.
winner_idsport_event_statusStringUnique ID of the game winner
ex. sr:competitor:3638
Game Timeline:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idsport_event_timeline_deltaStringUnique Id of a sport event
ex. sr:sport_event:46684149
start_timesport_event_timeline_deltaDate-timeStart time of a sport event
ex. 2024-04-23T18:15:00+00:00
away_scoretimeline - eventIntegerScore for the away team after a timeline event
break_nametimeline - eventStringBrief description of a break event
ex. break
competitortimeline - eventStringDesignation of a competitor for a timeline event
home, away
home_scoretimeline - eventIntegerScore for the home team after a timeline event
idtimeline - eventIntegerUnique ID for a timeline event
ex. 1793543391
match_clocktimeline - eventStringTime elapsed in a game for a timeline event, in minutes and seconds
ex. 94:41
match_timetimeline - eventIntegerTime elapsed in a game for a timeline event, in minutes
ex. 95
periodtimeline - eventIntegerInning number of a timeline event
period_nametimeline - eventStringName of an inning timeline event, appearing at the beginning of an inning
ex. 1st_inning
timetimeline - eventDate-timeTimestamp of a timeline event
ex. 2024-04-16T20:49:49+00:00
typetimeline - eventStringType of timeline event
ex. match_started, match_ended, period_start, break_start, score_change, period_score
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