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League Depth Chart

MLB League Depth Chart provides current depth chart positions for every MLB team.


Update Frequency

TTL / Cache: 2 seconds

Data Updates: As Necessary

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasleagueStringAlias of a league
ex. MLB
idleagueGUIDUnique ID of a league
ex. 2fa448bc-fc17-4d3d-be03-e60e080fdc26
nameleagueStringName of a league
ex. Major League Baseball
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
descpositionStringText description of a position
ex. Left Field
namepositionStringAbbreviated description of a position
ex. LF
depthplayerIntegerPlayer's depth chart position (1 = starter)
first_nameplayerStringFirst name of a player
ex. Markus
full_nameplayerStringFull name of a player
ex. Mookie Betts
suffixplayerStringName suffix of a player
ex. Jr.
idplayerGUIDUnique ID of a player
ex. ea1a2111-44cc-4996-babb-9439465e6760
jersey_numberplayerIntegerNumber of a player's jersey
last_nameplayerStringLast name of a runner
ex. Betts
positionplayerStringPosition of a player
C(Catcher), IF(Infield), OF(Outfield), P(Pitcher), DH(Designated Hitter)
preferred_nameplayerStringPreferred name of a player
ex. Mookie
primary_positionplayerStringPrimary position of a player
C(Catcher), IF(Infield), 1B(First Base), 2B(Second Base), 3B(Third Base), SS(Shortstop), OF(Outfield), LF(Left Field), CF(Centerfield), P(Pitcher), RF(Right Field), RP(Relief Pitcher), SP(Starting Pitcher), DH(Designated Hitter)
statusplayerStringStatus of a player
A(Activated), BRV(Bereavement Leave), D7(7 Day Injured List), D10(10 Day Injured List), D60(60 Day Injured List), DFA(Designated for assignment), FA(Free agent), FME(Family Medical Emergency), LV(Paid Leave), MIN(Minors), NRI(Non-roster Invite), PL(Paternity Leave), RST(Restricted), RET(Retired), SUS(Suspended), UDP(Unsigned Draft Pick), WV(Waivers), DUP(Duplicate Profile), Null(Blank)(Traded or not activated)

*Traded players temporarily have no status listed after they are traded to a new team and are either activated by the MLB club or assigned to a minor league affiliate
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
abbrteamStringAbbreviation of a team
ex. TB (Tampa Bay)
idteamGUIDUnique ID of a team
ex. bdc11650-6f74-49c4-875e-778aeb7632d9
marketteamStringMarket name of a team
ex. Tampa Bay
nameteamStringTeam name
ex. Rays
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