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League Hierarchy

MLB League Hierarchy provides top-level information for each team, including league and division distinction, and venue information.


Update Frequency

TTL / Cache: 2 seconds

Data Updates: As Necessary

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
aliasleagueStringAlias of a league
ex. MLB
idleagueGUIDUnique ID of a league
ex. 2fa448bc-fc17-4d3d-be03-e60e080fdc26
nameleagueStringName of a league
ex. Major League Baseball
aliasdivisionStringAlias of a division
ex. C
iddivisionGUIDUnique ID of a division
ex. 95e2d773-d899-4751-b61a-b9463e5aa874
namedivisionStringName of a division
ex. Central
aliasleague-leagueStringAlias of a league
ex. NL
idleague-leagueGUIDUnique ID of a league
ex. fbe91704-36df-4e7c-864a-06d236425999
nameleague-leagueStringName of a league
ex. National League
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
abbrteamStringAbbreviation of a team
ex. TB (Tampa Bay)
idteamGUIDUnique ID of a team
ex. bdc11650-6f74-49c4-875e-778aeb7632d9
marketteamStringMarket name of a team
ex. Tampa Bay
nameteamStringTeam name
ex. Rays
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
addressvenueStringAddress of a venue
ex. 1000 Vin Scully Avenue
capacityvenueStringCapacity of a venue
ex. 56000
cityvenueStringCity of a venue
ex. Los Angeles
countryvenueStringCountry of a venue
ex. USA
field_orientationvenueStringField orientation of a venue
ex. NE
idvenueGUIDUnique ID of a venue
ex. 66a19c3d-24fe-477d-bee7-c6ef1b98352f
latlocationDecimalLatitude of a venue
ex. 34.0745409
lnglocationDecimalLongitude of a venue
ex. -118.2408881
marketvenueStringMarket of a venue
ex. Los Angeles
namevenueStringName of a venue
ex. Dodger Stadium
stadium_typevenueStringType of a venue
ex. outdoor
statevenueStringState of a venue
ex. CA
surfacevenueStringSurface type of a venue
ex. grass
time_zonevenueStringTime zone of a venue
ex. US/Central
zipvenueIntegerZIP code of a venue
ex. 90012
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