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Olympic Medals Overview


The Olympics Medals API provides real-time medal counts as events conclude and medals are awarded.

Three RESTful API endpoints capture the following data:

  • Dynamic and realtime medal updates
  • Gold, silver, bronze, and total medal counts with ranks for total and gold medal achievements
  • Access to complete set of countries with names, abbreviations, and country codes

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API Access

There is no trial access for the Olympic Medals API. View sample data in the Endpoints section, or reach out to your sales representative for more info.


To best utilize the Olympic Medals API you can reference three basic RESTful endpoints.

Endpoint Descriptions

Seasons - Provides a list of historical “seasons” information for Olympic games. Each unique set of games is considered its own season.

Medal Table - Provides the current Olympic medals table for a given season.

Countries - Provides an up-to-date list of countries that participate in the Olympic games. Definitions and codes could change between seasons.

Integration Links

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our Olympic Medals API collection.

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire Olympic Medals API XSD schema.

Olympic Medals v1 Schema

Additional Olympics Coverage

For Paris 2024, there will be sports coverage available via the below API packages. Feel free to use the Tokyo 2021 season to review/trial the data that is expected to be collected.


Badminton v2 – Athletes, Schedules, Live Scores, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:557  Olympic Tournament, Singles 
  • sr:competition:558 Olympic Tournament, Women, Singles 
  • sr:competition:559 Olympic Tournament, Doubles 
  • sr:competition:560 Olympic Tournament, Women, Doubles 
  • sr:competition:561 Olympic Tournament, Mixed Doubles 


Global Basketball v2 – Schedules, Live Scores, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:276 Olympic Games 
  • sr:competition:440 Olympic Games Women 

Editorial Content

Editorial Content v2 - News and analysis for Olympic events

Field Hockey

Field Hockey v2 – Schedules, Live Scores, Results, Standings

  • sr:competition:548 Olympic Games 
  • sr:competition:549 Olympic Games Women 


Golf v3 – Schedules, Tee Times, Live Scores, Leaderboards

  • Full hole-by-hole coverage for men's and women’s competitions


Handball v2 – Schedules, Live Scores, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:439 Olympic Games 
  • sr:competition:499 Olympic Games Women 


Images v2 - Action shots from Olympic events and country flag images


Rugby Sevens v3 – Schedules, Live Scores, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:13963 Olympic Tournament 
  • sr:competition:13965 Olympic Tournament, Women


Soccer v4 – Athletes, Schedules, Live Scores, Team Statistics, Player Statistics, Results, Standings

  • sr:competition:436 Olympic Games 
  • sr:competition:437 Olympic Games Women 

Table Tennis

Table Tennis v2 – Athletes, Schedules, Live Scores, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:564 Olympic Games 
  • sr:competition:565 Olympic Games Women 
  • sr:competition:1121 Olympic Tournament, Team 
  • sr:competition:1123 Olympic Tournament, Team Women 


Tennis v2/v3 – Athletes, Schedules, Live Scores, Statistics, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:8183 Olympic Tournament Men Singles 
  • sr:competition:8185 Olympic Tournament Men Doubles 
  • sr:competition:8187 Olympic Tournament Women Singles 
  • sr:competition:8189 Olympic Tournament Women Doubles 
  • sr:competition:8191 Olympic Tournament Mixed Doubles 


Beach Volleyball v2 – Schedules, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:551 Olympic Games 
  • sr:competition:552 Olympic Games Women

Volleyball v2 – Schedules, Live Scores, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:496 Olympic Games 
  • sr:competition:497 Olympic Games Women 


Waterpolo v2 – Schedules, Live Scores, Results, Standings 

  • sr:competition:553 Olympic Games 
  • sr:competition:554 Olympic Games Women


Coverage Note

The coverage indicated above is what we expect to deliver. However, this may be subject to change at short notice, depending on various factors.

Please refer to the Sportradar Coverage Matrix as the single source of truth for individual sport Olympic competition coverage.