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Get started with the Editorial Content API v3


For media use only. Use of this API is prohibited for betting clients.


Sportradar’s Editorial Content API provides in-depth news coverage for all major US sports and international soccer leagues.

Content is broken down into two feeds: News and Analysis. News returns the latest factual information, which may include statistics, quotes, injuries, and/or transactions. Analysis feeds are dedicated to previews and recaps of games and important events.

An extra Premium package is also available for select sports. This upgrade offers the same editorial content, but also includes image assets that are linked within the articles. Our Coverage document illustrates which sports can include Editorial Images.



You must be able to follow 302 redirects to retrieve all of our content.

Coverage Document

Editorial Coverage

Click here to see every sport and league covered with News & Analysis and Editorial Images.

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Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire Images API XSD schema.

Content v3 Schema

Editorial Image Retrieval Sample

To find an image from Super Bowl LVI:

1: Reference the Coverage document to verify Premium content is available for the NFL.

2: Ensure you have the correct access (AP NFL Premium Content) to retrieve this image. You can view all of your keys in our Account section. Trial keys will require a t in the access_level parameter; production keys will use a p.

3: Call either the News or Analysis feed for the desired date (e.g. 2022/02/14), using your AP NFL Premium Content API key, and with ap_premium in the provider parameter.**your_api_key****your_api_key**

4: Locate the asset id and/or link for an image. You can reference the description element for a description of each image.

        <asset id="2dda4b2e-bbd0-4ce9-b1d3-185524d412cd" created="2022-02-14T03:47:49+00:00" updated="2022-02-14T03:47:55+00:00">
                <![CDATA[APTOPIX Rams Bengals Super Bowl Football]]>
                <![CDATA[Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp (10) eyes a touchdown pass in the end zone as Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple (20) attempts to tackle during the second half of the NFL Super Bowl 56 football game, Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022, in Inglewood, Calif. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)]]>
                <link width="4538" height="3025" href="/assets/2022/2/13/2dda4b2e-bbd0-4ce9-b1d3-185524d412cd/original.jpg"/>
                <link width="1000" height="667" href="/assets/2022/2/13/2dda4b2e-bbd0-4ce9-b1d3-185524d412cd/h1000-max-resize.jpg"/>
                <ref name="Apple, Eli" type="profile" sport="nfl" sportradar_id="72a42703-19b7-417c-87ce-344fd792f5ca">
                    <entity_id origin="SR" id="sr:player:986907" sport="nfl"/>
                    <entity_id origin="SD" id="72a42703-19b7-417c-87ce-344fd792f5ca" sport="nfl"/>
                <ref name="Cincinnati Bengals" type="organization" sport="nfl" sportradar_id="ad4ae08f-d808-42d5-a1e6-e9bc4e34d123" sportsdata_id="CIN">
                    <entity_id origin="SR" id="sr:competitor:4416" sport="nfl"/>
                    <entity_id origin="SD" id="ad4ae08f-d808-42d5-a1e6-e9bc4e34d123" alt_id="CIN" sport="nfl"/>
                <ref name="Kupp, Cooper" type="profile" sport="nfl" sportradar_id="2806e915-c46f-492f-8a29-71d3a85e5620">
                    <entity_id origin="SR" id="sr:player:1129803" sport="nfl"/>
                    <entity_id origin="SD" id="2806e915-c46f-492f-8a29-71d3a85e5620" sport="nfl"/>
                <ref name="LA at CIN (NFL - 2021 PST Week 4 - 2/13/2022)" type="event" sport="nfl" sportradar_id="268bf613-7ecf-4f52-a122-4c2d314d9ccc">
                    <entity_id origin="SR" id="sr:match:31840829" sport="nfl"/>
                    <entity_id origin="SD" id="268bf613-7ecf-4f52-a122-4c2d314d9ccc" sport="nfl"/>
                <ref name="Los Angeles Rams" type="organization" sport="nfl" sportradar_id="2eff2a03-54d4-46ba-890e-2bc3925548f3" sportsdata_id="LA">
                    <entity_id origin="SR" id="sr:competitor:4387" sport="nfl"/>
                    <entity_id origin="SD" id="2eff2a03-54d4-46ba-890e-2bc3925548f3" alt_id="LA" sport="nfl"/>

5: Select the size of the image desired within the link attribute and use this href file_name in your next call to the Editorial Image endpoint.**your_api_key**

The image from Super Bowl LVI is downloaded (News, Analysis).

For pre-built requests for all of our Content collections, feel free to browse and fork our Postman workspace: