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Provides the manifest for all country flag images.

Data Points

Asset List:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
entityassetlistStringType of image entity
Unused for Country Flags
leagueassetlistStringName of league for a manifest
manifest_dateassetlistStringTimestamp of the most recent published update to a manifest
providerassetlistStringNews image provider for a manifest
sr (Sportradar)
typeassetlistStringType of images in a manifest
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idassetGUIDUnique ID of an image
ex. f7dc3e69-fe3a-4ce7-8f84-ea4a3a22c947
copyrightassetStringCopyright ownership of an image
ex. USA Today Sports Images
createdassetStringTimestamp of a creation of an image
ex. 2022-08-05T03:12:08+00:00
descriptionassetStringText description of an image
ex. <![CDATA[National Flag for AFGHANISTAN]]>
titleassetStringTitle (or headline) of an image
updatedassetStringTimestamp of an update to an image
ex. 2023-07-04T14:56:25+00:00
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
heightlinkIntegerHeight in pixels of an image
ex. 1200
hreflinkStringHypertext reference used to create a downloadable URL to an image
ex. /country-flags/flags/df65e7df-40ab-46b7-8ea1-92e0217c15a0/original.svg
widthlinkIntegerWidth in pixels of an image
ex. 800
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
namerefStringName of a country flag image
iso_country_coderefStringISO country code for a Country Flag image
ex. AFG (Afghanistan)
typerefStringImage type
primaryrefBooleanSignifies the image is the primary image for a country
sportrefStringSport or league of an image
Reference Entities:
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
idref - entity_idGUIDUnique Sportradar ID used to link an image to a type (eg. event, player, team)
ex. GLP (Guadeloupe)
originref - entity_idStringSource of the unique Sportradar ID used to link an image to a type (eg. event, player, team)
SR = Sportradar General Sport IDs such as sr:match:33623381; SD = Sportradar League Specific IDs such as 20ef56e1-8c82-4f96-84b0-3ce79f1a1a31
sportref - entity_idStringSport or league of a source ID
ex. flags
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
nameproviderStringProvider for an image
sr (Sportradar)
versionproviderStringProvider version

Image Retrieval Example

To find the national flag for Sweden:

1: Reference the Coverage document for the proper provider. In this case, Sportradar is the provider.

2: Ensure you have the correct API key to retrieve this image. Trial keys will require a t in the access_level parameter; production keys will use a p.
3: Call the Country Flags Manifest using your Sportradar Country Flags API key, and with sr in the provider parameter.**your_api_key**

4: Locate the asset id and/or link for Sweden.

    <asset id="7be83df7-5970-4814-b1b0-a4dd558ab29e" created="2018-07-10T19:35:56+00:00" updated="2019-02-27T23:13:11+00:00">
            <![CDATA[National Flag for SWEDEN]]>
        <copyright>Sportradar AG</copyright>
            <link width="1200" height="800" href="/country-flags/flags/7be83df7-5970-4814-b1b0-a4dd558ab29e/original.svg"/>
            <link width="250" height="167" href="/country-flags/flags/7be83df7-5970-4814-b1b0-a4dd558ab29e/h250-max-resize.png"/>
            <link width="1000" height="667" href="/country-flags/flags/7be83df7-5970-4814-b1b0-a4dd558ab29e/h1000-max-resize.png"/>
            <link width="500" height="333" href="/country-flags/flags/7be83df7-5970-4814-b1b0-a4dd558ab29e/h500-max-resize.png"/>
            <link width="3480" height="2320" href="/country-flags/flags/7be83df7-5970-4814-b1b0-a4dd558ab29e/h3480-max-resize.png"/>
            <link width="3840" height="2160" href="/country-flags/flags/7be83df7-5970-4814-b1b0-a4dd558ab29e/3840x2160-crop.png"/>
            <ref name="SWEDEN" type="country" sport="flags" sportradar_id="" iso_country_code="SWE" primary="true">
        <provider name="sr">

5: Select the size of image desired within the link attribute and use this href file_name in your next call to the Country Flag Image endpoint.**your_api_key**

The flag for Sweden is downloaded.

Flags are available in svg or png formats.

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