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Olympic Medals FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Olympics v1

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What is your depth of coverage for the Olympics?

The Olympic Medals API provides a real-time medal count table for all participating countries. Individual event information is not included at this time.

Click here for additional Sportradar Olympic coverage.


What format are date fields presented in?

When we present date only values we present these in the ISO 8601 standard format.

ex: 2023-04-03

We use these for attributes that have date and no time (such as birthdate). For more information:

How do I locate the TTL (Time to Live)/cache on an API endpoint?

The cache (in seconds) can be accessed in the returned header information on each RESTful API call, under cache-control.
ex. cache-control: max-age=1, public, s-maxage=1 or
cache-control: public, must-revalidate, max-age=120

Note that, for select game-centric endpoints, the TTL may adjust when an event is live. This information is available for each endpoint on our developer portal.