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Beach Soccer Change Log

Find all updates to the Beach Soccer v2 API and its documentation

Round Info Additions

DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
09/26/2023Competitor Summaries
Competitor vs Competitor
Daily Summaries
Season Summaries
Sport Event Summary
Added data points related to tournament
rounds to bring consistency across APIs.

New data points include:
- Round - Cup Round Sport Event Number
- Round - Cup Round Number of Sport Events
- Round - Cup Round Id
- Round - Other Sport Event Id
(other_sport_event_id) *when 2 legs only
<round name="quarterfinal" other_sport_event_id="sr:sport_event:43573993" 
	cup_round_sport_event_number="2" cup_round_number_of_sport_events="2" 
"round": {
    "name": "quarterfinal",
    "other_sport_event_id": "sr:sport_event:43573993",
    "cup_round_sport_event_number": 2,
    "cup_round_number_of_sport_events": 2,
    "cup_round_id": "sr:cup_round:1923693"

Active Season Indicator

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
08/28/2023Sport Events CreatedAdded a active_season attribute for newly created matches appearing in the Sport Events Created endpoint.

When marked as true this will signify that an added match is part of an active season.
    <sport_event_created id="sr:sport_event:43393169" active_season="true" created_at="2023-08-30T14:42:39+00:00"/>
    <sport_event_created id="sr:sport_event:43393167" active_season="true" created_at="2023-08-30T14:42:39+00:00"/>
    <sport_event_created id="sr:sport_event:43393165" active_season="true" created_at="2023-08-30T14:42:38+00:00"/>
    <sport_event_created id="sr:sport_event:43393163" active_season="true" created_at="2023-08-30T14:42:37+00:00"/>
    <sport_event_created id="sr:sport_event:43393029" active_season="true" created_at="2023-08-30T14:37:40+00:00"/>
    "generated_at": "2023-08-30T14:47:30+00:00",
    "sport_events_created": [
            "id": "sr:sport_event:43393169",
            "active_season": true,
            "created_at": "2023-08-30T14:42:39+00:00"
            "id": "sr:sport_event:43393167",
            "active_season": true,
            "created_at": "2023-08-30T14:42:39+00:00"
            "id": "sr:sport_event:43393165",
            "active_season": true,
            "created_at": "2023-08-30T14:42:38+00:00"
            "id": "sr:sport_event:43393163",
            "active_season": true,
            "created_at": "2023-08-30T14:42:37+00:00"

New Cup Round Data

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
03/20/2023Season LinksAdded order, state, and winner_id to cup rounds in the Season Links endpoint.

These new fields can be leveraged to determine the status, order, and winner of a cup round within a season/tournament.

Age Group & Gender Additions

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
03/13/2023Competitor Profile
Competitor Summaries
Competitor vs Competitor
Daily Summaries
Live Summaries
Player Profile
Season Info
Season Lineups
Season Probabilities
Season Standings
Season Summaries
Seasonal Competitor Statistics
Sport Event Lineups
Sport Event Summary
Sport Event Timeline
Push Statistics
Added age_group and gender to competitor elements in several endpoints.

This update follows the existing format of the Soccer API, and will help to efficiently distinguish these competitor (team) characteristics.

Pagination Update to Season Probabilities

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
03/03/2023Season ProbabilitiesAdded pagination to the Season Probabilities endpoint for several APIs.

Going forward, the first 200 events will be displayed. To retrieve further events additional query string parameters will be required. For example, to load the next 200 events you will need to append &start=200 to the call and to load the next 200 add &start=400 and so on.

Category Data

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
01/20/2023Competition InfoAdded the category element to the Competition Info endpoint. This includes category id, name, and country_code. The category will be represented by the country or International to better distinguish the country designation.

'Competitor Merge Mappings' Endpoint

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
08/22/2022Competitor Merge MappingsAdded the Competitor Merge Mappings endpoint to a variety of APIs. This feed provides the valid Sportradar Id in cases when two competitors have been merged into one. This feed was previously present in the Soccer API.

'Sport Events Created' Endpoint

Release DateFeeds AffectedBenefit
06/28/2022Sport Events CreatedOur new Sport Events Created endpoint provides a list of all events created within the last 24 hours. Send requests to this endpoint as needed to assist in locating and storing newly created events.

API Release

Release DateFeeds AffectedUpdate
03/31/2022AllInitial release for Beach Soccer v2.