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Floorball FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Floorball v2

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What leagues do you cover, and at what level?

Coverage information can be found via our Coverage Matrix.


How can I find the values for various enum data points within the API?

Many enum values are listed in the FAQ below. For the most up-to-date values, please see the Schema section of the OpenAPI specification here:

What format are date fields presented in?

When we present date only values we present these in the ISO 8601 standard format.

ex: 2013-04-03

We use these for attributes that have date and no time (such as birthdate). For more information:

What format are the date/time fields presented in?

All of our Date/Time attributes are in UTC, presented in the ISO 8601 standard format.

ex: 2013-04-03T18:15:00+00:00

For more information:

How do I locate the TTL (Time to Live)/cache on an API endpoint?

The cache (in seconds) can be accessed in the returned header information on each RESTful API call, under cache-control.

ex. cache-control: max-age=1, public, s-maxage=1 or
cache-control: public, must-revalidate, max-age=120

Sport Event Statuses

What are the valid sport_event_statusstatus values?

  • not_started – The match is scheduled to be played
  • started - The match has begun
  • live – The match is currently in progress
  • postponed – The match has been postponed to a future date
  • suspended - The match has been suspended
  • match_about_to_start - The match is about to begin
  • delayed – The match has been temporarily delayed and will be continued. Typically appears prior to match start
  • interrupted - The match began, but coverage has stopped for a short time. Note that match scores may not be updated during this period, the last recorded match score will be displayed instead
  • cancelled – The match has been cancelled and will not be played
  • ended – The match is over
  • closed – The match results have been confirmed

What are the valid sport_event_statusmatch_status values?

  • not_started
  • 1st_period
  • 2nd_period
  • aet
  • ended
  • postponed
  • cancelled
  • started


What are the valid outcomes for probabilities?

  • home_team_winner
  • away_team_winner
  • draw

Past Season Data

How do I access past results and stats?

Use the Competition Seasons endpoint to locate the season_id for the season you want to access. Use that season_id to interrogate the various seasons endpoints.

Standings / Tournaments

What are the possible values for cup_roundstate in the Season Links endpoint?

Listed below are the values and definitions for cup_round - state. These can be leveraged to determine the status of a cup round.

  • empty - A matchup has been created but neither the match details nor the competitors are known.
  • unseeded_fixture - Match details are known but competitors are unknown.
  • partial_seeded - One competitor is known.
  • partial_seeded_fixture - Match details and one competitor are known.
  • seeded - Both competitors are known.
  • seeded_fixture - Match details and both competitors are known.
  • unstarted - Match(es) have been added.
  • on_going - The first match has started.
  • decided - The last match has ended.
  • winner - The winner is known.
  • cancelled – The matchup has been cancelled.


More questions?

Reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.