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Winter Sports FAQs

Frequently asked questions for Winter Sports v1

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What sports and competitions do you cover for Winter Sports v1?

A list of the competitions covered in this API can be found below. Note that this list is subject to change at any time. For the most accurate list of competitions, please see the Competitions endpoint in the API.

Alpine SkiingAlpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing World Championship
Alpine Skiing Mixed World Championship
Alpine Skiing Women
Alpine Skiing Women World Championship
Biathlon World Championship
Biathlon Mixed
Biathlon Mixed World Championship
Biathlon Women
Biathlon Women World Championship
Bobsleigh Women
Cross Country Cross Country
Cross Country World Championship
Cross Country Women
Cross Country Women World Championship
Figure SkatingFigure Skating
Figure Skating Mixed
Figure Skating Women
Luge Women
Nordic CombinedNordic Combined
Nordic Combined World Championship
Ski JumpingSki Jumping
Ski Jumping World Championship
Ski Jumping Women
Ski Jumping Women World Championship
Snowboard World Championship
Snowboard Women
Snowboard Women World Championship
Speed SkatingSpeed Skating
Speed Skating Women

How far back does the data go?

Only current and the previous seasons.

Are events covered live?

All events have results entered after all heats are completed.

When are the competitor lists available?

Up to a few minutes before the event is run.


How do I know which endpoints to hit?

There are only three endpoint "types": Profiles, season-based, and sport event-based.

If the variable ID is stage based, you need to check the stage node to see what type it is. If type="season" that id is only designed to be placed in the season based endpoints. However, if you place a season ID in the Sport Event Summary endpoint it will return the results at a season level (meaning the standings).

Every other stage ID including individual runs, heats, or entire events can be used on the Sport Event Summary to get the results.

What format are date fields presented in?

When we present date only values we present these in the ISO 8601 standard format.

ex: 2013-04-03

We use these for attributes that have date and no time (such as birthdate). For more information:

What format are the date/time fields presented in?

All of our Date/Time attributes are in UTC, presented in the ISO 8601 standard format.

ex: 2013-04-03T18:15:00+00:00

For more information:

How do I locate the TTL (Time to Live)/cache on an API endpoint?

The cache (in seconds) can be accessed in the returned header information on each RESTful API call, under cache-control.

ex. cache-control: max-age=1, public, s-maxage=1 or
cache-control: public, must-revalidate, max-age=120

Stage Types

What are the possible stage types?

  • season
  • sport
  • run
  • discipline
  • event
  • eight_final
  • quarter_final
  • semi_final
  • small_final
  • final
  • qualifying
  • consolation
  • placement

Results & Stats

How do I see the results of a specific run or heat in a given sport/discipline?

The Sport Event Summary takes any sport event ID parameter. Find the sport event ID for the event in question, and call the Sport Event Summary endpoint with that sport event ID. Within that endpoint, if the event consists of runs or heats you will find the sport event IDs for each heat. You can use that ID as a parameter in the URL of the same endpoint.

Do you have results for the heats/runs?

While some events may have limited results for heats or runs, typically there are only results for the overall event.

What statistics are in the API?

Only points, positions, medals, and times where applicable.


More questions?

Reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.