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The Cricket API provides real-time scoring, detailed match statistics (when available), and an array of supplementary data.

The API is consistent in structure, format, and behavior with the other General Sport APIs. Primary feeds will return schedules, competitions, team and player data, and real-time scores.

Additional feeds provide a host of complementary stats, including: 

  • Standings
  • Player profiles
  • Team profiles
  • Historical results
  • Match lineups
  • Seasonal statistics
  • Detailed ball-by-ball data
  • Live pitch and field coordinates


Authentication is required for all API calls.

Data Source Upgrade

Our upgraded Cricket v2 API is official for ICC, ECB and Caribbean Premier League. See the Content Strategy link for detailed info.

While this enhancement mapped out new data to our existing attributes, there are some attributes that we will not be replacing. Details of this can be found in the Data Mapping document.

The new dataset will also include each of the below features:

  • Custom-designed for cricket with multi-mode capability to ensure the lowest latency in the market.
  • Unique fielding data points exclusive to Sportradar
  • Ball tracking for shot and delivery, type coding and AI-powered automated text commentary.
  • Automated system monitoring platform redundancy to ensure reliable, uninterrupted service.


To best utilize the Cricket API, you will need several parameters to create your API calls. The map below illustrates how you can obtain the parameters you need.

The primary feeds require only a date or human-readable parameters to call the endpoints. Those feeds provide Sport Event Ids, Competitor Ids, or Season Ids which can be used to generate the match, team, and tournament feeds.

Endpoint Descriptions

Daily Live Schedule – Provides scheduled match information for all matches being played live.  

Daily Live Results - Provides a summary of match results for live matches.  

Daily Results – Provides a summary of all matches played on a given day.  

Daily Schedule – Provides schedule information for all matches played on a given day.  

Match Lineups – Provides lineups and batting order for a given match. 

Match Summary - Provides real-time match-level statistics for a given match. Including results and player and team stats. Please note that data returned is determined by coverage level.

Match Timeline – Provides real-time match-level statistics and a play-by-play event timeline for a given match. This includes player and team stats, scoring info, batting and bowling paramaters, and human-readable event descriptions. Please note that data returned is determined by coverage level.

Player Profile – Provides player information, including current and historical team membership info, and statistics broken down by match format.

Team Profile – Provides team information and statistics by season. 

Team Results – Provides match info and statistics for the past 10 matches for a given team.

Team Schedule – Provides match schedule information for a given team. 

Team Versus Team – Provides previous and upcoming meetings between two teams including results. 

Tour List – Provides a list of all available Cricket Tours. 

Tournament Info – Provides information for a given tournament or season, including current season, participating teams, and tournament structure.

Tournament List – Provides a list of all available Cricket Tournaments. 

Tournament Leaders – Provides leaders in a given tournament or season for a variety of stats including top runs, top average, top wickets, top bowling average, top economy, and top catches.

Tournament Results – Provides results for all matches within a given tournament or season. 

Tournament Schedule – Provides scheduling information for all matches within a given tournament or season.

Tournament Seasons – Provides a list of current and past season IDs for a given tournament. Season IDs can be interchanged with tournament IDs to retrieve historical data. 

Tournament Squads – Provides squad lineups for a given tournament or season.

Tournament Standings – Provides detailed standings info for a given season.

Data Retrieval Sample

To find the statistics of a match:

  1. Call the Daily Schedule for the day the match takes place and find the associated Sport Event Id
  2. Call the Match Summary feed using the Sport Event Id for your match

The statistics for this match are now displayed.

Coverage Levels

We provide 4 separate coverage levels in our coverage properties within Sport Event Timeline.

Post-matchLowest level of coverage. Data is entered after the completion of the match.
CoreIncludes basic data such as scores, players, current over stats, required run rate.
AdvancedMore granular coverage. Includes more datapoints such as shot and ball types, wagon wheel data.
FieldingMore enhanced coverage currently only for major ICC events (World Cup Men's, Women's, U19) and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). Data points include richer data for fielding events, fielding position coordinates and multiple-player events.

Integration Links

OpenAPI Specs

Our Cricket API is available via OpenAPI. Click here to view or download the spec.

Postman Workspace

Our entire Media APIs are available on Postman. Click the link above to be taken directly to our Cricket API collection.

Feel free to follow and/or fork any collections to receive updates.

Schema Download

Open the zip file below to access our entire Cricket API XSD schema.

Cricket v2 Schema