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A quick overview of all statistics available through the Cricket v2 API.

Click the arrow under each table to view endpoints that could return the statistics above.

Category & Sport

Category Country Code
Category Id
Category Name
Sport Id
Sport Name
Category & Sport Information available in:


Current Season End Date
Current Season Id
Current Season Name
Current Season Start Date
Current Season Year
Season End Date
Season Id
Season Name
Season Start Date
Season Tournament Id
Season Year
Tournament Gender
Tournament Id
Tournament Name
Tournament Type
Tournament Round Name
Tournament Round Number
Tournament Round Type
Tournament Information available in:


Manager Country Code
Manager Id
Manager Name
Manager Nationality
Team Abbreviation
Team Country
Team Country Code
Team Id
Team Name
Team Qualifier
Team Information available in:


Batting Style
Bowling Style
Country Code
Date of Birth
End Date
Full Name
Is Captain
Is Wicketkeeper
Jersey Number
Start Date
Player Information available in:


Bowling Ends
Country Code
Country Name
Map Coordinates
Venue Information available in:

Sport Event

Coverage Level
Coverage Type
Outfield Conditions
Period Score Allotted Overs
Period Score Away Score
Period Score Away Wickets
Period Score Display Overs
Period Score Display Score
Period Score Home Score
Period Score Home Wickets
Period Score Number
Period Score Type
Pitch Info – Boundary Position
Pitch Info – Grass Cover
Pitch Info – Pitch Moisture
Pitch Info – Pitch Quality
Sport Event Id
Sport Event Scheduled
Sport Event Start Time TBD
Sport Event Status
Sport Event Conditions Day/Night
Sport Event Conditions Neutral Venue
Sport Event Conditions Type
Sport Event Status Allotted Overs
Sport Event Status Current Inning
Sport Event Status Current Session
Sport Event Status Display Overs
Sport Event Status Display Score
Sport Event Status Match Status
Sport Event Status Required Run Rate
Sport Event Status – Status
Sport Event Status Toss Decision
Sport Event Status Winner Id
Team Qualifier
Weather Info – Rain Conditions
Weather Info – Sky Conditions
Weather Info – Temperature Range
Weather Info – Wind Conditions
Sport Event Information available in:


Batting Params – Angle Traversed
Batting Params – Connect
Batting Params – Hit to Boundary
Batting Params – Runs Scored
Batting Params – Shot Type
Batting Params – Stroke
Batting Params – Trace
Batting Params – Zone Played In
Bowler – Country Code
Bowler – Id
Bowler – Name
Bowl. Params – Beat Bat
Bowl. Params – Bowling End
Bowl. Params – Bowling From
Bowl. Params – Delivery Type
Bowl. Param – Ext Runs Conceded
Bowl. Params – Ext Runs Type
Bowl. Params – Pitch X
Bowl. Params – Pitch Y
Catch Dropper – Country Code
Catch Dropper – Id
Catch Dropper – Name
Dismissal Details – Bowler Id
Dismissal Dtls – Decision Reason
Dismissal Details – Result in Favor
Dismissal Details – Team Referred
Dismissal Details – Type
Event – Ball Number
Event – Delivery
Event – Dismissals Away
Event – Dismissals Home
Event – Display Overs
Event – Id
Event – Inning
Event – Over Number
Event – Period
Event – Period Name
Event – Time
Event – Type
Field Umpire – Correct Decision
Field Umpire – Country Code
Field Umpire – Decision Reason
Field Umpire – Id
Field Umpire – Name
Fielder – Country Code
Fielder – Id
Fielder – Name
Fielding Params – Appeal
Fielding Params – Catch Dropped
Fielding Params – Difficulty Rating
Fielding Params – Fielded
Fielding Params – Fielded Wick Kpr
Fielding Params - Misfielded
Fielding Params – Overthrows
Fielding Params – Pressure Applied
Fielding Params – Run Out Missed
Fielding Params – Runs Lost
Fielding Params – Runs Saved
Fielding Params – Stumping Missed
Fld. Params – Run Out Missed Loc.
Non-Striker – Balls Faced So Far
Non-Striker – Country Code
Non-Striker – Fours
Non-Striker – Id
Non-Striker – Name
Non-Striker – Runs Scored So Far
Non-Striker – Sixes
Run Out Misser – Country Code
Run Out Misser – Id
Run Out Misser – Name
Striker – Balls Faced So Far
Striker – Country Code
Striker – Fours
Striker – Id
Striker – Name
Striker – Runs Scored So Far
Striker – Sixes
Stumping Misser – Country Code
Stumping Misser – Id
Stumping Misser – Name
Third Umpire – Correct Decision
Third Umpire – Country Code
Third Umpire – Decision Reason
Third Umpire – Id
Third Umpire – Name
Third Umpire – Position
Third Umpire – Warning
Timeline Information available in:

Match Stats

Batting – Balls Faced
Batting – Fours
Batting – Run Rate
Batting – Runs
Batting – Sixes
Bowling – Byes
Bowling – Dot Balls
Bowling – Extras
Bowling – Leg Byes
Bowling – Maidens
Bowling – No Balls
Bowling – Overs
Bowling – Wickets
Bowling – Wides
Inning – Batting Team
Inning – Bowling Team
Inning – Number
Inning – Overs Completed
Match Stats available in:

Match Stats - Batting Partnerships

Dismissed Player
Minutes at Crease
Player – Balls Faced
Player – Runs
Player – Strike Rate
Runs Extras
Wicket Number
Match Stats (Batting Partnerships) available in:

Match Stats - Player Batting

Attacking Shots
Balls Faced
Batting – Left Alone
Batting – Not Out
Batting – Retired Hurt
Batting – Shots Cover
Batting – Shots Defending
Batting – Shots Fine Leg
Batting – Shots Mid Off
Batting – Shots Mid On
Batting – Shots Mid Wicket
Batting – Shots Offside
Batting – Shots Onside
Batting – Shots Point
Batting – Shots Semi-Attacking
Batting – Shots Square Leg
Batting – Shots Third Man
Dismissal – Ball Number
Dismissal – Bowler Id
Dismissal – Over Number
Dismissal – Type
Dot Balls
Minutes at Crease
Strike Rate
Match Stats (Player Batting) available in:

Match Stats - Player Bowling

Around The Wicket
Average Speed
Beat Bats
Dot Balls
Economy Rate
Fastest Delivery
Fours Conceded
Leg Byes
No Balls
Over The Wicket
Overs Bowled
Rapped On Pads
Run Outs
Runs Conceded
Sixes Conceded
Slower Deliveries
Slowest Delivery
Strike Rate
Match Stats (Player Bowling) available in:


Batting – Highest Average
Batting – Highest Average Rank
Batting – Fifties Rank
Batting – Fifties Total
Batting – Fours Rank
Batting – Fours Total
Batting – Highest Score Rank
Batting – Highest Score Total
Batting – Runs Rank
Batting – Runs Total
Batting – Sixes Rank
Batting – Sixes Total
Batting – Strike Rate Rank
Batting – Strike Rate
Batting – Hundreds Rank
Batting – Hundreds Total
Bowling – Bowling Average
Bowling – Bowling Average Rank
Bowling – Dot Balls Rank
Bowling – Dot Balls Total
Bowling – Economy Rank
Bowling – Economy Rate
Bowing – Maidens Rank
Bowling – Maidens Total
Bowling – Wickets Rank
Bowling – Wickets Total
Fielding – Catches Rank
Fielding – Catches Total
Leaders Info available in:


Current Outcome
Group Name
Net Run Rate
No Result

Note: Standings are provided in the following splits: home, away, and total

Standings Info available in: