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Statistics Summary

A quick overview of all statistics available through the Soccer v4 API.

Click the arrow under each table to view endpoints that could return the statistics above.

Category & Sport

Category Country Code
Category Id
Category Name
Sport Id
Sport Name
Category & Sport Info available in:


Competition Gender
Competition Id
Competition Name
Competition Parent Id
Competition Properties - Brackets
Competition Prop. - Missing Players
Comp. Prop. - Player Transfer History
Competition Prop. - Schedules
Comp. Prop. - Season Player Statistics
Comp. Prop. - Season Probabilities
Comp. Prop. - Season Stats Leaders
Comp. Prop. - Season Team Statistics
Competition Prop. - Standings
Comp. Prop. - Team Squads
Cup Round Id
Cup Round Name
Cup Round Order
Cup Round State
Cup Round Type
Cup Round Winner Id
Group – Group Name
Group Id
Group Max Rounds
Group Name
Group Parent Group Id
Info Competition Status
Info Venue Changed
Info Venue Reduced Capacity
Info Venue Reduced Capacity Max
Round Competition Sport Event Number
Round Cup Round Id
Round Cup Round # of Sport Events
Round Cup Round Sport Event Number
Round Name
Round Number
Round Other Sport Event Id
Season Competition Id
Season Disabled
Season End Date
Season Id
Season Name
Season Start Date
Season Year
Stage End Date
Stage Order
Stage Phase
Stage Start Date
Stage Type
Stage Year
Competition Info available in:


Competitor Abbreviation
Competitor Age Group
Competitor Country
Competitor Country Code
Competitor Form
Competitor Gender
Competitor Id
Competitor Name
Competitor Other Season Id
Competitor Qualifier
Competitor Short Name
Competitor Virtual
Jersey – Base Color
Jersey – Horizontal Stripes
Jersey – Horizontal Stripes Color
Jersey – Number Color
Jersey – Shirt Type
Jersey – Sleeve Color
Jersey – Sleeve Detail
Jersey – Split
Jersey – Split Color
Jersey – Squares
Jersey – Squares Color
Jersey – Stripes
Jersey – Stripes Color
Jersey – Type
Manager – Country Code
Manager – Date of Birth
Manager – Gender
Manager – Id
Manager – Name
Manager – Nationality
Manager – Nickname
Manager – Preferred Foot
Competitor Info available in:


Player Country Code
Player Date of Birth
Player Display First Name
Player Display Last Name
Player First Name
Player Gender
Player Height (cm)
Player Id
Player Jersey Number
Player Last Name
Player Missing Reason
Player Missing Start Date
Player Multiple Competitors
Player Name
Player Nationality
Player Nickname
Player Place of Birth
Player Played
Player Preferred Foot
Player Starter
Player Status
Player Transfer Date
Player Transfer From Competitor
Player Transfer Role Type
Player Transfer To Competitor
Player Type (position)
Player Weight (kg)
Team Membership – Active Flag
Team Membership – End Date
Team Membership – Jersey Number
Team Membership – Start Date
Team Membership – Type
Player Info available in:


External Id
Merged Id
Retained Id
Mapping Info available in:


Country Code
Map Coordinates
Reduced Capacity
Reduced Capacity Max
Venue Info available in:

Sport Events

Attendance Count
Channel Country
Channel Country Code
Channel Name
Channel URL
Coverage Type
Ground Neutral
Group Properties - Brackets
Group Properties - Cup
Group Properties – Group Stage
Group Properties - League
Group Properties - Missing Players
Group Properties - Qualification
Group Properties - Results
Group Properties - Schedules
Group Properties - Standings
Lineups Confirmed
Match Facts
Referee Id
Referee Name
Referee Nationality
Referee Country Code
Referee Type
Sport Event Created Id
Sport Event Created At
Sport Event Created - Active Season
Sport Event Id
Sport Event Removed Id
Sport Event Replaced By
Sport Event Resume Time
Sport Event Start Time
Sport Event Start Time Confirmed
Sport Event Properties - Assists
Sport Event Properties - Ballspotting
Sport Event Prop. - Basic Play-by-Play
Sport Event Prop. - Basic Player Stats
Sport Event Prop. - Basic Team Stats
Sport Event Prop. - Commentary
Sport Event Prop. - Deeper Play by Play
Sport Event Prop. - Deeper Player Stats
Sport Event Prop. - Deeper Team Stats
Sport Event Prop. – Ext. Player Stats
Sport Event Prop. – Ext. Team Stats
Sport Event Prop. - Fun Facts
Sport Event Prop. - Game Clock
Sport Event Prop. - Goal Scorers
Sport Event Properties – Lineups
Sport Event Properties – Lineups Avail.
Sport Event Properties – Probabilities
Sport Event Properties – Scores
Sport Event Properties – Venue
Sport Event Upcoming - Id
Sport Event Updated - Id
Sport Event Updated - Updated At
Weather - Overall Conditions
Weather - Pitch Conditions
Sport Event Info available in:

Match Lineups

Player Order
Player Position
Team DesignationTeam Formation
Match Lineups Info available in:

Match Probabilities

Away Team Win Probability
Draw Probability
Home Team Win Probability
Market Away Score
Market Home Score
Market Last Updated
Market Live
Market Name
Market Removed
Match Time
Outcome Name
Match Probabilities Info available in:


Clock Played
Clock Stoppage Time Announced
Clock Stoppage Time Played
Match Situation – Qualifier
Match Situation - Status
Match Situation – Updated At
Period Score Away Score
Period Score Home Score
Period Score Number
Period Score Type
Sport Event Stat – Agg Away Score
Sport Event Status – Aggregate Home Score
Sport Event Status – Aggregate Winner Id
Sport Event Status – Away Normaltime Score
Sport Event Status – Away Overtime Score
Sport Event Status – Away Score
Sport Event Status – Decided by Fed
Sport Event Status – Home Normaltime Score
Sport Event Status – Home Overtime Score
Sport Event Status – Home Score
Sport Event Status – Match Status
Sport Event Status – Match Tie
Sport Status – Scout Abandoned
Sport Event Status – Status
Sport Event Status – Winner Id
Boxscore Info available in:

Match Timeline

Away Team Score
Ball Location – Qualifier
Ball Location – Order
Ball Location – X Coordinate
Ball Location – Y Coordinate
Event Break Name
Event Card Description
Event Commentary
Event Competitor
Event Coordinate X
Event Coordinate Y
Event Description
Event Id
Event Injury Time Announced
Event Match Clock
Event Match Time
Event Method
Event Outcome
Event Period Name
Event Period Type
Event Shootout Away Score
Event Shootout Home Score
Event Status
Event Stoppage Time
Event Stoppage Time Clock
Event Type
Event Time
Event Updated
Event Updated Time
Home Team Score
Sport Event Timeline Id
Sport Event Timeline Start Time
Sport Event Timeline Delta Id
Sport Event Timeline Delta Start Time
Match Timeline Info available in:

Match Timeline - Play Details

Assisting Player Id
Assisting Player Method
Assisting Player Name
Assisting Player Type
Goal Scorer Id
Goal Scorer – Method
Goal Scorer – Name
Goal Scorer – Type
Substitution Player In – Id
Substitution Player In – Method
Substitution Player In – Name
Substitution Player In – Type
Substitution Player Out – Id
Substitution Player Out – Method
Substitution Player Out – Name
Substitution Player Out – Type
Play Details available in:

Match Statistics - Team

Ball Possession
Blocked Shots
Cards Given
Corner Kicks
Fouls Suffered
Free Kicks
Goal Kicks
Penalties Missed
Red Cards
Shots Blocked
Shots off Goal
Shots off Target
Shots on Goal
Shots on Target
Shots Saved
Shots Total
Yellow Cards
Yellow Red Cards
Match Stats (Team) available in:

Match Statistics - Player

Corner Kicks
Fouls Suffered
Goals Scored
Corner Kicks
Own Goals
Penalties Missed
Red Cards
Shots Blocked
Shots off Target
Shots on Target
Substituted In
Substituted Out
Yellow Cards
Yellow/Red Cards
Match Stats (Player) available in:

Seasonal Statistics - Team

Average Ball Possession
Cards Given
Corner Kicks
Free Kicks
Goals by Foot
Goals by Head
Goals Conceded
Goals Conceded First Half
Goals Conceded Second Half
Goals Scored
Goals Scored First Half
Goals Scored Second Half
Over/Under List Type
Over/Under – Goals
Over/Under – Matches Over
Over/Under – Matches Under
Penalties Missed
Red Cards
Shots Blocked
Shots off Target
Shots on Bar
Shots on Post
Shots on Target
Shots Total
Yellow Cards
Yellow/Red Cards
Season Stats (Team) available in:

Seasonal Statistics - Player

Corner Kicks
Goals Scored
Own Goals
Penalties Missed
Red Cards
Shots Blocked
Shots off Target
Shots on Target
Substituted In
Substituted Out
Yellow Cards
Yellow/Red Cards
Season Stats (Player) available in:

Season Leaders

Datapoint Type
Datapoint Value
Leader RankList Type
Season Leaders Info available in:


Current Outcome
Form Standings Results
Form Standings Type
Goals Against
Goals Differential
Goals For
Group – Group Name
Group Comment Text
Group Id
Group Live
Group Name
Matches Played
Points Draw
Points Loss
Points Per Game
Points Win
Tie Break Rule
Season Standings Info available in:


Competition Id
Event Id
Season Id
Sport Event Id
Metadata Info available in: