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Season Transfers

Provides a list of all player transfers for a given season.


Update Frequency

300s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
abbreviationtransfer - competitors - competitorStringAbbreviation for a competitor name
ex. LIV (Liverpool FC)
age_grouptransfer - competitors - competitorStringAge group of a competitor, when applicable
ex. U23
countrytransfer - competitors - competitorStringCountry of a competitor
ex. England
country_codetransfer - competitors - competitorStringCountry code of a competitor
ex. ENG (England)
gendertransfer - competitors - competitorStringGender for a competitor
male, female
idtransfer - competitors - competitorStringUnique ID for a competitor
ex. sr:competitor:44 (Liverpool FC)
nametransfer - competitors - competitorStringName for a competitor
ex. Liverpool FC
virtualtransfer - competitors - competitorBooleanSignifies a competitor is a virtual team whan true. Used for placeholder teams in TBD vs TBD matchups.
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
country_codetransfer - playerStringCountry code of a player
ex. EGY (Egypt)
date_of_birthtransfer - playerDateDate of birth of a player
ex. 1992-06-15
gendertransfer - playerStringGender of a player
male, female
heighttransfer - playerIntegerHeight of a player in centimeters
ex. 175
idtransfer - playerStringUnique ID of a player
ex. sr:player:159665
jersey_numbertransfer - playerIntegerJersey number of a player
nametransfer - playerStringName of a player
ex. Salah, Mohamed
nationalitytransfer - playerStringNationality of a player
ex. Egypt
nicknametransfer - playerStringNickname of a player
place_of_birthtransfer - playerStringPlace of birth of a player
ex. Basyoun, El Gharbia
preferred_foottransfer - playerStringPreferred foot of a player
left, right
typetransfer - playerStringPosition of a player
goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward
weighttransfer - playerIntegerWeight of a player in kilograms
ex. 71
AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
transfer_datetransferDateTransfer date of a player transfer
ex. 2024-02-01
role_typetransferStringPlayer's role for transfer
player, manager, on_loan, unemployed, other
from_competitortransferStringUnique ID of the competitor a player transferred from
ex. sr:competitor:2383
to_competitortransferStringUnique ID of the competitor a player transferred to
ex. sr:competitor:2383
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