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Competition Seasons

Provides historical season information for a given competition. Valid competition IDs can be found in the Competitions feed.


Update Frequency

300s Time To Live / Cache

Data Points

AttributeParent ElementTypeDescription
competition_idseasonStringUnique ID for the competition a season belongs to
ex. sr:competition:17 (Premier League)
disabledseasonBooleanSignifies a season has been disabled when true
end_dateseasonDateEnd date of a season
ex. 2024-05-19
idseasonStringUnique ID for a season
ex. sr:season:105353 (Premier League 23/24)
nameseasonStringName of a season
ex. Premier League 23/24
start_dateseasonDateStart date of a season
ex. 2023-08-11
yearseasonStringYear of a season
ex. 23/24
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